Brokeback Mountain

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  • Ennis And Jack's Relationship

    While the film may have lacked development of the men’s relationship with one another and how it grew to become what it was, it allowed for a different development of Ennis and Jack as individual characters. In the film, Lee expands on Ennis’s life with Alma and Jack’s life with Lureen. The story by Proulx is told primarily focusing on Ennis’ life; Lureen, Jack’s wife, is barely mentioned. In the film we get the entire backstory to them meeting and their relationship. Lureen comes from a family…

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  • Queer In Pop Culture

    The word queer has its origin from the Proto-Indo-European word twerk. The word later turned into the word “quer” and picked up the meaning of weirdness and unconventionality. By 1500, it led to the word queer and was widely used in Scotland. The other theory for how queer came about was by William Sayers. He said its origin was from the word kue meaning a twisted thing, implicating not straight. Queer first appeared on paper in 1508 in the transcription of “The Flyting of Dumbar and Kennedie”.…

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  • Media Influence On Gay Marriage Essay

    The influence of media is an ever-growing power in today’s society from the news, TV shows to movies. There are subliminal messages, underling meanings or just obvious themes that are being projected onto the audience. The media is here weather you like it or not and as time goes by the influence of the media becomes stronger and stronger. Controversial subjects such as marijuana legalization, gay marriage or Obama care are all influenced by the media perception. Each news station has a…

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  • Compare And Contrast Essay Joker

    Alright, this time nothing’s gonna stop me from this. Guess who was my first thought after I saw this task. Bingo! Heath Ledger’s Joker. For me, The Dark Knight is not just another ridiculous superhero story, like ‘Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice’*, but the whole philosophy behind. When people are young (yea, just like I’m turning 81 tomorrow), they all praise the Batman. When they get older and start to analyze some facts, they come to the conclusion that it was the Joker who was a real…

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  • Gender Inequality In Beasts Of The Southern Wild

    Real change takes time. It is not for the impatient or hurried. Hollywood is no exception. Gender inequality is rampant in film careers in Hollywood. For screenwriters, we appear to be in the midst of change. As Sherry Lansing broke through the celluloid ceiling in 1980 when she became the first woman studio head, “female screenwriters appear to have made a breakthrough over the last three years, with an unusually high representation in the top 20 UK independent films (37%) and profitable UK…

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  • Life Of Pi Film Analysis

    Sharma, Irrfan Khan, Rafe Spall, Tabu, Adil Hussain, and Vibish Sivakumar, based on Yann Martell's book of the same name, It is directed by Ang Lee, also notable for his work on other acclaimed films such as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Brokeback Mountain, and produced by Lee, Gil Netter, and David Womark. The film's storyline revolves around an Indian man named Piscine "Pi" Patel as he tells a novelist about his life experiences, and how at age 16 he survived a shipwreck that killed his…

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  • Heath Ledger's Successful Acting Career

    Nine years after his untimely death, we take a look back at Heath Ledger and his short but wildly successful acting career. As we approach what would have been the 37th birthday of Academy Award winner, Heath Ledger, we'd be remiss to ignore the fact that April 5th will also be the 23rd anniversary of the passing of Kurt Cobain; two giants of their respective crafts who left this world way too soon. Now nine years after the death of Ledger, we take a look back at his filmography and reflect on…

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  • The Man I Killed Summary

    “The Man I Killed” O’Brien explains a Viet Cong soldier whom of which he has killed. He felt stuck in time remembering what the man he just killed may have been like before the war. O’Brien is describing the history of the dead Vietnamese man while his American troops continue to move forward. He is in shock from killing the man, meanwhile the rest of the world is moving around him, all in speech and imagination. There is no way that O’Brien knows everything about the fallen soldier playing…

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  • American Me Essay

    6. James Gilligan attributes feelings of shame as a primary cause of violent behavior, and claims that inflicting violence on other lessens and overshadows a person’s own feelings of shame. In Brokeback Mountain, Jack and Ennis grew up in a time and place where homosexual feelings and relationships were strongly rejected from society, and where people who were thought to be homosexual were shunned, harassed, and attacked, often to the point of being murdered. The general attitude toward…

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  • The Film Industry

    Since its inception, the American film industry has reigned supreme in popularity throughout the world. Moviegoers and cinephiles alike have become enamored with the allure of ‘Hollywood’, known as the mecca of the entertainment industry. As one of the oldest film industries, the US has produced major films such as Star Wars (1977), Titanic (1997), and Avatar (2009). In addition, iconic American actors such as Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe rose to worldwide stardom. Its popularity, through…

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