The Ghost Of Medicine Crow: A Short Story

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There is a place where you can go.

There is a place where the wind whispers wonders
Of long ago.

There is a place where the Meadowlark still sings.

I know this place for long ago...

There I walked with...

The Ghost of Medicine Crow

Shamus curried his horse beneath the huge cottonwood shade tree near his home on the Montana Indian reservation. At 10 years old, Shamus had become a good horseman and responsible owner of his brown quarter horse gelding, Two-Gun. Often times he and Two-gun would spend the hottest part of a prairie day under the tree. Both liked the occasional breezes that would blow gently across the buffalo grass plain and bringing the cool air to them under the tree. Both enjoyed the quiet relationship.
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Shamus drove to the Indian settlement and asked at the agency office if his old friend Stiff-arm man was still around. He had died but old Indian Cuts-the-rope is still alive. Shamus went to see him.
Shamus knocked on the door and Kota Cuts-the-rope father who was very old invited him in.
“Please wise man of many years, I need to know more about the graves in Missing Canyon”, Shamus began.
The old man stared at him. Shamus went on to tell him the whole story of that day years ago and asked if he knew who the old Indian was and what happened to the graves.
Cuts-the-rope slowly got up from his old easy chair and quietly went into another room. While sitting there Shamus looked at the paintings on the wall. All the paintings were just the same as he had remembered. Each now with a special memory of his own attached to them. The old man returned with an object under a black cloth.
“There was a famous medicine man of our people. He was very wise and revered. He asked that I make a sculpture of his spirit.”
With that, Cuts-the-rope lifted the cloth which had been covering the sculpture. Shamus swallowed

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