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  • The Seven Years War: The French And Indian War

    the Americas, France had prompted armed assaults with the British colonies. Although fighting and armed conflicts between England and France had been going on for years, the prior three wars of colonial land possession between the French and the British, had begun in the Americas and spread as to far as Europe. The war was the byproduct regarding two of Europe's biggest monarchs over colonial land and trade. Colonial rivalry between the British and French colonists also added fuel to this…

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  • How Did The American Revolution Affect The Cost Of The French And Indian War?

    The outstanding overall British victory in the French and Indian War is considered to have had a lasting impact on the whole of the British Empire, resulting in the further expansion of the British territory within the New World, modern day America. In spite of the victory, it is realized the overall cost of the war greatly increased Great Britain’s growing debt crisis. All in all, it is realized that the minuscule military and financial help that the English leaders received from the colonists…

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  • Similarities And Differences Between British And India

    there was a time when the British empire used to rule over India (India, Pakistan and Bangladesh). In those decades the UK learnt somethings from India, and India learnt a few things from the UK, while somethings will never change. So in this text I will reflect, compare and share my opinions on the differences and similarities between India and the UK. One huge similarity is the language English. English is growing rapidly all around the world, with well over 900 English-speakers worldwide (as…

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  • Biology Of A Dress Analysis

    colonies. Some countries become England colonies including Asia, India, Africa, and some parts of North America. Although these countries are no longer dependent on the British colonies, the residual effect of colonial domination is still remain nowadays. Growing up in the small island in Antigua, which was once the colony of the British Empire, Kincaid has written many short stories and autobiographical essays to express her anger and hatred toward England. Biography of a Dress is a short story…

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  • Great Britain's Failure Of The Declaration Of Independence

    responsibility of the people to form a new government. The British government committed several acts that exemplified its failure in fulfilling its mission of securing the unalienable rights including taxation without representation, Boston Massacre, and the Intolerable Acts. As a result of Britain’s failure to protect the colonists’ political freedoms, economic wellbeing, and safety, it is the duty of the colonists to declare independence and fight as the British government failed to protect…

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  • John Locke And Thomas Paine: The Primary Reasons For Settling The Colonies

    Colonies: Discuss the primary motivations for the settling of Massachusetts (New England), Pennsylvania (Middle), and Virginia (Southern) colonies. Land, work, and freedom of religion were all encouraged colonists to settle the New World. As the English Civil War had raged on, religion in England had become extremely unstable, which encouraged many people to travel overseas for sanctuary. Such a colony, Plymouth, in Pennsylvania was founded under the Mayflower compact to tolerate Puritanism.…

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  • Social Characters In William Forster's A Passage To India

    between them is portrayed by Forster through the friendship between Aziz and Mr. Fielding, the English schoolmaster. Subsequently, Forster had the limited experience of both sides, keeping up a multifaceted relationship and getting from this completely a new information and feelings. In view of this story the reader is rapidly capable to sympathize with the ruled race, extremely and impolitely treated by the English powers. In this novel, the reader…

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  • How Did The British Imperialized India

    almost all of India is English the native language spoken by over 125 million Indians? The British imperialized India after years of the East India company trading with the Indians for cheaply made fabric until the government decide India was useful to the British and stepped in taking India as a colony. British imperialized India, by indirectly controlling India until the Indians could help the British benefit of the Indians politically, economically, and socially. The British realized they…

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  • Colonialism In Slumdog Millionaire

    politician, philanthropist and cricketing legend Imran Khan. The British approached India at the commencement of the seventeenth century. With time, The British East India Company accumulated power and began to administrate the country. Nonetheless Indians detested its policies and together they revolted against the company. This led to the downfall of the company and the administration of India went directly under the Queen. The British annexed many princely states and formed laws and policies…

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  • Slave Trade Pros And Cons

    The British, French , and Spanish governments had policies that prohibited trade between territories owned by different countries. The laws forced all island plantation produce to be sent to Europe.The laws limited the amount of product coming in to areas that needed them, and forced people to smuggle them in, and also were a lot cheaper than the products sold by people such as the English. While smuggling was beneficial economically toward areas that needed them, they negatively affected legal…

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