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  • Ama Mazama

    Manning Marable and Ama Mazama discuss in their writing what changes need to be brought about when it comes to learning Black Studies. One societal change that stood out to me was Ama Mazama called for a change in the “dilemma of professionalization.” Essentially the societal change being called upon is when learning individuals shouldn’t just stick to the definition or the ‘black and white’ way of learning. When learning we should try to understand broad concepts and make inferences about the…

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  • During The Victorian Industrial Revolution

    “Nature does nothing by a jump, it is said. But to the British people living at the time, it seemed as if the world they knew had vanished almost overnight,” David Newsome writes of the Victorian Era (Swisher). From the spinning jenny to the steam engine, many products were created to provide a better life and pave the way for social adjustment. During the Victorian Era, industry and innovation ignited the country and influenced the future of steam, power and social change. Before the Victorian…

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  • Hundred Years War Causes

    the way nations are ruled today. This war started in 1339 when Edward Ⅲ invaded Northern France. It continued intermittently for more than a hundred years, involving several generations of English and French kings. This war finally ended in 1453 with France defeating England, as France had dominated all the British-ruled places except Calais in its country. Although the direct causes for this battle are the issue of territorial rights in France and the problem of whom the next successor of…

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  • Influence Of King Henry II On The Foundation Of The South African Judiciary

    1806 the British settled and introduced common law, yet still allowed Roman-Dutch law (Terrill, 2013). However, Dutch law fizzled out eventually due to its mother country adopting France’s law. This allowed English law to spread and take more roots in South Africa (Terrill, 2013). South Africa created their constitution in 1910, which further entrenched English law and this also remained throughout apartheid (Terrill, 2013). When apartheid ended, South Africa blended Roman-Dutch and English…

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  • Catholic Loyalty In The 1750s

    Catholic Loyalty Essay by Cian Montague, 14470288 (Ivar McGrath’s class) I do agree that the question of Catholic loyalty to the state was the key question in Ireland in the 1750s and 1760s. This had been an issue for some time, but now it seemed that the avenues to change had been opened. In 1756 Britain went to war with France and what was to be the Seven Years’ War gave rise to a pressing need for troops. Many leading Catholics saw this as an opportunity to negotiate the repeal of the Penal…

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  • Ondaatje And Naipaul Literature Analysis

    The postcolonial period incorporates such unsettled issues as formation of cultures and identities and to what extent entire decolonization can be achieved not only in the political area but also in the cultural and psychological aspects of the colonized societies. Since the beginning of the second half of the twentieth century, discussions on whether identities and cultural properties are fixed and stable or protean and unsettled have been in progress ardently without any unanimity. One of the…

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  • The Consequences Of World War One

    World war one took place dates between 1914-1918. Despite the conflict started in Europe, it ultimately affected other countries which are outside of the continent example united state and Japan. The first time the native English speakers knew it as the "Great War"; the term world war one was applied a couple of decades later. Historians disagree the basic causes of the war but mostly agree the consequences of the war and the huge disaster it caused. Political tensions ran very high in the…

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  • Comparing Paine And Franklin's Contribution To The American Revolution

    Around the 1660’s, merchantilism transformed the America’s economy (3). England sought for more wealth from trade and tried to exclude Dutch from trading with the America’s. England proposed that all goods such as tobacco were only allowed to go to English ports which was unfair to other countries who needed the materials that America produced. After the Staple Act was…

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  • The Star Spangled Banner Essay Meaning

    This song was initially titled “The Defense of Fort-McHenry” and “was inspired by the British attack on the fort in Baltimore Harbor during the War of 1812” (The Star-Spangled Banner, 2009). During this battle the English had invaded an American fort and Americans fought back. When the attack had ended and gun shots stopped, Francis Scott Key noticed that the American flag was still standing (The Star-Spangled…

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  • Queen Victoria

    perceived as an influential terror. Sovereignty is what Britain had created to destroy their chaos, the ruler is chosen by blood. Alexandrina Victoria was one of those blood royals and has proven that bloodline power has no specific control. The British monarchy must be preserved along with the antique way of living. Standing alone on her own, she brought an exclusive way of leadership to the table when she began as queen. She gave persuasive speeches to her government officials explaining how…

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