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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of The Pearl Harbor Speech

    possibilities and consequences if they do not do anything to prevent their attacks. John F. Kennedy 's Ich bin ein Berliner ("I am a 'Berliner ') Speech was on 1963. His goal was to illustrate the United States position on the Berlin Wall and communism and to give support and encouragement to the people of East Berlin. The message was aimed as much at the Soviets as it was at Berliners and was a clear statement of U.S. policy in the wake of the construction of the Berlin Wall. The main point…

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  • School Funding Case Study

    viewpoint. It would stand to reason that all inequality issues of this county stem from its history. The article mentions that by the end of the 19th century the tradition of funding schools through local property taxes was widespread (Biddle & Berliner, 2002). There is no mention of the fact that Jim Crow Laws, which promoted racial segregation and inequality, also begin toward the end of the 19th century…1880 through and beyond the mid 1900’s to be exact. Granted, these laws were…

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  • A Summary Of Piaget's Four Stages Of Cognitive Development

    Similarly, teachers can place a child in a state of disequilibrium by providing them with a new task, similar to one previously accomplished, dealing with the issue of ‘generalizing’ when the solution to a previous experience is applied and adapted, if necessary, to this new experience. The final of Piaget’s four stages of development is known as the ‘Formal Operational’ stage regarding adolescents between the ages of 12 and 19. The interviews that Piaget conducted with young adults within this…

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  • High-Stakes Testing In Schools

    choice answers or write limited passages, therefor leading to success on state mandated exams are unable to answer complicated math problems, compose lengthier research driven papers necessary for college entrance and college preparedness. (Amrein & Berliner, 2002). Another issue arising for students developing educationally in a high-stakes testing environment is the overwhelming consensus of the failures associated with the testing in meeting the needs of the economically disadvantaged and the…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Columbus Day

    According to Michael S. Berliner, “it was Columbus’ discovery for Western Europe that led to the influx of ideas and people on which [the United States] was founded” (292). In other words, Berliner is stating that Columbus’s voyage allowed for the creation of the United States, and that without him, the US might not have been what it is today. Columbus changed…

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  • Christopher Columbus Day Research Paper

    Christopher Columbus’ journey to find a sea route to Asia in 1492 changed the way we see the world. Not realizing that there was an expansive land mass west of Europe, in between Spain and Asia, Columbus landed in the Bahamas only to be greeted by the indigenous Arawak native tribe that had been on the island for decades. Columbus saw this encounter as an opportunity to pay back Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain for his voyage, ships and crew. Columbus then set off, sending thousands of natives…

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  • The Importance Of Education In Education

    Just recently on the television I heard about how several schools in Kansas will have to close early this year due to funding cuts. While I am sure that starting summer break early excites many children, it made me wonder how teachers were planning on cramming the end of the year subjects into a few weeks. Also a concern of mine was how families in poverty would handle this change as, children in poverty rely on more than just education from their schools. As a substitute teacher and a parent I…

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  • Coaching: Collaboration In Schools

    more often: supportive communication, formal collaboration, beginning teacher seminars or classes, and common planning time (Kang & Berliner, 2012). Three practices were found to influence teachers’ decision to remain in their current teaching assignments: seminars or classes for novice teachers, common planning time, and extra classroom assistance (Kang & Berliner,…

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  • Argumentative Essay On The Columbus Day

    The holiday of Columbus Day has kindled an irrefutable amount of controversy in recent years. One side of this bilateral argument asserts that Columbus opened up a global trade network while the other declares that his travels led to the decimation and abuse of the Native American population. One argues that Columbus Day should exist, while the other calls for its removal. However, this argument, along with the current Columbus Day, is overly simplified. To extract the true meaning of Columbus…

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  • Class Discrimination In Education Essay

    Repeatedly, various researchers and scholars (Anyon, 2005; Anyon, 1980; Berliner, D. C., 2013; Hill, 1999; Rodriguez & Fabionar, 2010) have reported that the presence of classism in schools is simply an indication of and a reproductive instrument of oppression. D. C. Berliner (2013) reported on the continued downturn in education related to the social class of the child. His work revealed that social class is not only influencing…

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