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  • Benito Mussolini Essay On Race Theory

    During the late 1800s and early 1900s race theory was used to justify the actions of European leaders. Race theory, the idea that human beings were divided into superior and inferior races, can be derived from Social Darwinism. Herbert Spencer, an English philosopher, applied the idea from before the 1850s that human beings were divided into different races with biological superiority to develop the idea of Social Darwinism (McKay, p. 697). This theory states that races that were the best…

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  • Indus Valley Disappearance Research Paper

    Indus Valley Disappearance The disappearance of the most advanced ancient civilization confuses historians and scientists to this very day. The Indus Valley Civilization was located in present day eastern Pakistan and northwest India and lasted from 5000 BC to 1800 BC. It was an ancient civilization that was advanced because it had natural air conditioning, cities that were like New York City at the time, and had an advanced sewage system that other countries took centuries to accomplish.…

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  • Rise Of Adolf Hitler And The Nazi Regime

    Under the guidance of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime, Germany underwent a slow evolution that targeted racial minorities during the nineteen-thirties. Striving to create a racially pure, Hitler stressed the creation of a new, Aryan community. By dominating every aspect of societal life, the Nazi regime promised to stabilize Germany’s economy through employment opportunities, militarization, and land seizures. Furthermore, they advocated for reinstating Germany to her former, pre-Treaty of…

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  • Purpose Of Hitler's Book 'Mein Kampf'

    He stated in this part that since the Aryans were the superior race, they supposed to obtain larger land to grow larger population. This lebensraum if needed, should be acquired by military force. These lands would be used to produce food and to provide living space for the expanding of Aryan population. Meanwhile, the Slavic and Jewish people should be removed, eliminated, and enslaved. Based on Hitler’s plan, in…

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  • Gangs In Prison Research Paper

    (n.d.). Retrieved October 26, 2015. Gangs of Charlotte (N.C.). (n.d.). Retrieved October 26, 2015. Skarbek, D. (n.d.). The social order of the underworld: How prison gangs govern the American penal system. The Aryan Circle. (n.d.). Retrieved October 26,…

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  • Maus And Night: A Literary Analysis

    factory of Auschwitz, he got an ID number tattooed on his wrist. His ID number added up to the Hebrew Number of Life:18. This gave Vladek hope and optimism which pushed him to go farther. The French girl gave up her religion so she could pass as an Aryan so she could have a chance to survive. Elie lost faith in God when the injustice that happened during the Holocaust was not stopped. His lost of faith stopped him from fasting, and that could have saved his life. Life today is still affected…

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  • Stereotyping In The Holocaust

    Some of the most important human behaviors that have been part of why the Holocaust had occurred are Blind Obedience, Conformity, and Stereotyping. Blind Obedience is when you do things or follow orders without thinking. Conformity is when you want to be like everyone else, or you are doing things so that you feel like you are part of the community. Last but not least, Stereotyping. Stereotyping is when you are judging people/things by who/what they are. These behaviors have been a part of the…

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  • Narrative Injustices During The Holocaust

    This in combination with the narrative of “Aryan” superiority, created a superiority bias. Likewise a self-service behavioral confirmation Bias (the inclination to claim more responsibility for success than failure) was formed. This attributed the success of Germany to “Aryan’s”, and its failures to the Jews. In the first poster, we can see the negativity and superiority biases (see figure 1). The caption says “Victory or Bolshevism” with a utopic “Aryan” family on the left, and a contrasting…

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  • World War II: The Events Leading Up To The Holocaust

    were Germany, Italy and Japan. One of the main events that happened during WWII was the Holocaust. The Holocaust was the murder of six million European Jews by the Nazi Party. The Nazi Regime believed that they were racially superior and wanted an Aryan race. That meant they had to get “rid” of the people that were inferior of the Germans. The leader that came to power was Adolf Hitler. Hitler blamed the Jews for Germany’s economic problems and for the lose of the war. He did not use any other…

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  • Subway Propaganda Essay

    People have used propaganda, in many forms, to convince people in believing in their message for various reasons. One example are Subway’s advertisements and commercials. Subway is known for letting customers choose what goes on their sandwiches from their wide variety of bread, meats, and vegetables. In several commercials, Subway has one of their employee making a sandwich for a customer. During these ads, the customer or employee always emphasizes on how Subway’s sandwiches are made fresh…

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