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  • Western Influence On Indian Civilization Essay

    because of India’s vast size and Western influence on culture, India was very diverse. Thus, it was very difficult to ever develop unification through religion, language, race, or economy. B. The Aryans were a nomadic herding group of people who eventually settled in the subcontinent, India. The Aryans made iron tools to farm, but one of their most notable achievements were the literary epics they told. They wrote…

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  • Importance Of Mother Tongue Essay

    a) In the late 1960s, Singapore government introduced a bilingual education policy. Mother Tongue languages such as Mandarin, Malay and Tamil are known to be the students’ second language in Singapore. It is mandatory for each student to take up at least one second language. However according to an online news "Much Ado About Mother Tongue", students have not been coping well with their Mother Tongue language over the past years. Instead, the students are excelling in other subjects such as…

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  • Mein Kampf Book Analysis

    Analysis of Hitler’s Mein Kampf With over 60 million lives lost, World War Two was known as the most destructive war in history. What could cause such a catastrophic disaster to occur? The blame for this war lies heavily on the infamous Adolf Hitler, the leader of the Nazis. His influence on Germany was immense but he started off as an unknown political figure. Through the release of Mein Kampf, Hitler was able to spread his radical views to the rest of Germany and lead them down a path of…

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  • Evolution Of Caste Essay

    The caste system is an evil that has plagued Indian society since time immemorial. Over several decades, this affliction has only changed in form but has never been completely eradicated. It was of relevance more than a thousand years ago, and it is of relevance now. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, one of the most prominent opponents of the caste system, said the following- “Caste has killed public spirit. Caste has destroyed the sense of public charity. Caste has made public opinion impossible. Virtue…

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  • What Is The Turning Point Of The Holocaust

    Nazi’s racial ideology encouraged Germans to mistreat people other than just Jews. Believed to be a part of Aryan descent, the Sinti and Roma, also known as gypsies, were left alone for some time due to being of the same descent as the Aryans. A researcher by the name of Robert Ritter conducted a study and found that the Sinti and Roma were racially mixed and therefore they were not pure Aryans. Once this was discovered, they were placed in the same category as the Jews and were therefore…

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  • Stages Of The Holocaust

    the people into two groups: the Aryans (Germans) and everyone else (Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals, Slavs):  The Germans were known to be the superior race or the master race. This Aryan race had blonde hair, blue eyes and fair complexion. They were grouped according to their hair, eye, and skin colours, facial structure.  Hitler saw the people who did not fall under the Aryan race as a threat, as inferior and worthless  Anyone who was not classified as the Aryan race was seen as an enemy. Jews…

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  • How Did Adolf Hitler Rise To Power

    Adolf Hitler rose to power, in Germany, in 1933 at the age of forty-five. Hitler wanted Germany to follow the teachings and rules of Nazis. Every aspect of life in Germany was effected by Nazi rule. By the end of 1933 Hitler managed to make Germany a single party dictatorship. There were levels of power within the Nazi rule everyone was expected to respect and listen to their superiors. From 1933 to 1945 the Nazi regime was a dark, unrelenting force forged in the fires of hatred and…

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  • Ancient Civilizations: Influences On The Development Of Western Civilization

    illustrious civilizations that have left defining legacies for their respective regions. The first civilization being introduced to the reader is the Egyptian, which research found has been dated back during Pyramid Age. The second being the Vedic-Aryan Civilization. I discovered a great deal of information through research on how h of the civilizations constructed a system living. There are many similarities between the two and their ways of living. Most of the information found on these…

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  • Social Darwinism In Nazi Germany

    totalitarian state. He had ambitious ideals of a racial utopia. Nazi Germany derived their racial ideologies from 'Pseudo-Science' and Social Darwinism, they adapted their own ideas for a utopia from this. These ideas included a superior race- the Aryans - and an inferior race- the Jewish, the gypsies and the black population. in order to fulfill their ideas and manifest their utopia Nazi Germany implemented both positive and negative eugenics in order to promote and desirables and reduce…

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  • The Nuremberg Laws: The Dehumanization Of Jewish People

    to achieve this goal was the passing of the Nuremberg Laws. To ensure the total dehumanization of Jews the Nazi party enforced two laws that stripped them of their rights, affected where they could live and work, and invited mistreatment from the Aryan people around them On September 15, 1935 Hitler and the Nazi party passed the Nuremberg Laws that were meant to be specifically discriminatory against Jewish people. In fact, the Reich Citizenship law was put in place o create a basis of…

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