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  • Analysis Of Narrative Of Commercial Life, By T. H. Breen

    modern historians and early Americans have viewed the causes and ideology of the American Revolution. Lynd and Waldstreicher claim that the main contentions are whether the Americans…

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  • Theme Of Revolution In Benito Cereno

    The idea of revolution is generally regarded as a controversial idea. In today’s times especially, we tend to have differing views of the concept, depending on who is revolting against what. Many American citizens tend to view their revolution against the British government as a noble and just fight for liberty, yet refuse to allow marginalized groups within their own society to fight for their rights which they still have not been given, in particular people of color, women, and the LGBTQ+…

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  • The Journey Of Olaudah Equiano Essay

    A stigma that was attached to English culture during the late eighteenth century is that to be considered entirely English you needed to be free of racial and cultural others. The preservation of the necessary boundaries between the colonised racial and the national self solely relied on the aspect of historical Englishness. Attached to every culture there are always particular stereotypes and being English is no different. Actions such as tea drinking and wearing silk garments were commodities…

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  • Wallace Nutting Summary

    Wallace Nutting was a purveyor of a past that fit his own conservative ideas. A charismatic salesman of history, he constantly sought to challenge the status quo. Thomas Denenberg uses Wallace Nutting’s brand of colonial idealism as a parallel with an American society on the precipice of social change at the turn of the century. Nutting successfully provided the middle class an escape from the adversity of the “machine age”. Using Wallace Nutting as a tool to discuss anti-modernism, Denenberg…

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  • Washington And Hamilton: The Alliance That Forged America

    In their book, Washington and Hamilton: the Alliance that Forged America, authors Stephen F. Knott and Tony Williams describe how the unique and “indispensable relationship” between George Washington and Alexander Hamilton became essential to the founding of America. Knott (a professor of national security affairs at the United States Naval War College in Rhode Island) and Williams (the professional development director at the Bill of Rights Institute and program director of the Washington,…

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  • Consequences Of The Treaty Of Paris

    In 1763, the Treaty of Paris ended the French and Indian War, also known as the Seven Years’ War. This war started in 1754 and paired the British against the French in a battle for North American land. Prior to the war, there was much hostility in this area relating to colonial borders and trading capabilities with local Amerindian tribes. The war was primarily fought due to the importance of imperialism during this time. More land equaled more power and that is exactly what both countries…

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  • Abigail Adams Letter To Her Husband Analysis

    hundreds of years the societies of Europe and later the American colonies embraced a patriarchal society in which women were only viewed as capable of doing housework. However, many women went against the status quo, running family businesses and households after the departure or death of their husbands. Change in the status of the sexes was only a matter of time. The thoughts of independence and freedom that became common during the American Revolution created a moral dilemma: would the men…

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  • Ap Us History Dbq Analysis

    colonists realized how poorly Britain was treating them, so ideas of unification began to form and circulate. Although the Americans identified as British citizens at the beginning of their lives in the New World, many events leading up to the American Revolution helped create a sense of unity and American identity within the colonies. Despite the fact that many Americans supported the unification of the colonies, many opposed unification and wanted to remain under the rule of England. Some…

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  • The Events Leading Up To The American Revolution

    In the beginning, the American Revolution was only a rebellion by British colonists, however, it quickly turned into something much more. The road to the Revolution started with a nine-year war between the French and the British over land in the Ohio River Valley, and ended with the battles in Lexington and Concord between the minutemen and militia. The road to the American Revolution was paved by the French and Indian War, all the acts passed by England, the events in Boston, and the Battles in…

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  • The Importance Of Benjamin Franklin's Contribution To The American Revolution

    The life of Benjamin Franklin, an American mastermind, is purely breathtaking. His ability to accomplish so much within his life is proof of the American Dream. Not only did Franklin have a scientific life, but he also has a political life. Although first a strong supporter of the English crown and Parliament, Franklin later becomes a powerful and important contributor to the American Revolution. This paper will argue that Franklin’s reason for his shift is simply because of Great Britain’s…

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