Narrative Essay About Independence

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Freedom… Independence… Red,white, and blue. Can you guess what day it is? That’s right, you guessed it,it’s the Fourth of July. It’s the day we remember what a marvelous country we live in. The day the whole house smells amazing. The day we wear red, white, and blue to show how much we love our country. The day everyone's jolly with their families, celebrating our freedom and liberty. Well for me it was the day that i'll never forget, but not in the way you think. It was the best feeling waking up that day, knowing it was going to be a day of joy and love with my whole family. I don’t get to see my whole family frequently, but when I do it’s the best time of our lives. We had this whole plan for the day we were going to go the neighborhood park and have a huge soccer game between my family. At the same time we are going to have a huge barbecue.
“God dang that smells amazing”, that was the first thought I could think of when we arrived at the park. When my family and I arrived there and they had already started the barbecue, that’s why it smelled so delicious. The joy of seeing my Uncle using the grill cannot be surpassed. He is one of the best, if not the best chef I know. All my family had finally arrived and it was time for the game to
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We wanted to play the game for fun, but at the same time everyone wanted to win for bragging rights. It was time to begin, we knew that the other team was pretty good so we had to start of strong. Right off the bat we started to attack, making them play defense. My father had the ball, he was open to take a shot, all I could hear was “ding” , my dad had hit the post and the expression on the other team was priceless, no one expected my dad to shoot like that at the beginning of the game. They rapidly got the ball and started attacking, then they had us on our heels. As they game went on and on, it was pretty much even, boths teams have had many opportunities to

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