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  • Adoption Of The Monroe Doctrine: Aggression To The United States

    colonization or attempt thereof by European Nations (aside of the colonies they already hold and established) would be seen as threat and act of aggression to the United States in that we now protected the realm of the New World along with the South Americans, and has long been held as one of the best forms of Foreign Policy ever created as it was isolationist in external conflict (war in the Old World), but open to commerce and trade among nations. The occasion and circumstances for the…

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  • Synthesis Essay On National Debt

    because of the American Revolutionary War, America has been burdened with the looming national debt that it's acquired. National debt is when a country does not have enough money for anything consequential, and therefor it borrows money from another country. America has acquired an immense amount of national debt and it cannot keep up with the interest that it's required to pay, and due to this, America is thrown further into its national debt crisis. The real question is how will the American…

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  • Essay On The Causes Of The Revolutionary War

    began rebelling against Great Britain causing British soldiers to begin occupying the colonies. All of these events caused unrest between the thirteen colonies and the parliament of Great Britain and eventually led to the American Revolution.; One of the biggest cause of the revolution is the taxes that King George placed on British imports in the colonies. Britain had just experienced the French and Indian War which left them crippled economically in debt. In an effort to pay off Britain's…

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  • Puerto Rico Reflection

    “Did you cross the border?” That’s a new one, it is usually, “Hey! Is this Mexican food legit?” or “So do you eat a lot of spicy food?” Throughout this summer that’s all I’ve heard. I’ve been participating of a cancer research institute in which we have a diverse pool of students. I’ve met people from Korea, India, Nigeria, China, Russia, Slovakia, Turkey, and the United States. I think this program has been a preview of what I will encounter in college, specifically at Johns Hopkins University,…

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  • Benjamin Franklin's Response

    Benjamin Franklin once said: "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." That quote often comes up in the context of new technology and concerns about government surveillance. Simply put; and I'm paraphrasing here; but Ben Franklin essentially said at one point, those who would exchange self-government for a bit of security deserve neither to be self-govern nor security. The quotation is considered to come from a letter…

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  • The Boston Massacre Case Study

    1. According to Preston, the soldiers did not act reasonably to this situation. Based on his information, he had explicitly and clearly directed his officers not to fire into the crowd. However, due to the commotion and noise at that particular time, it was possible that the soldiers assumed that the directive of firing came from him. Based on his assessment of the situation, if the soldiers were reasonable and logical enough, then they would put into consideration the fact that the crowd was…

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  • If You Were Colonist, Would You Be A Patriot Or Undecided?

    1. If you were colonist, would you be a loyalist, a Patriot or undecided? Why? Having all your aspects of your daily life control by a central faceless government seem like an easy way to avoid conflict. Do all people want to be told what to do and be stuck in an endless spiral of a broken system? That is why I side with the Patriot. The freedom to be yourself and govern yourself without the fear of silver spoon king’s army forcing the people with taxes and laws from thousands of miles away.…

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  • 18th Century Brazil

    European countries through the Eighteenth century had become very dependent on their colonies in the Americas. Most of the colonies had the same situations, watched by the crown from across the sea, they were assets to a much more powerful master. Every colony in Latin America would eventually tire of being exploited, and would begin to revolt slowly relating to each other rather than their ancestry. One of the outliers in this process was Brazil, who experienced a much different road to…

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  • Revolutionary War: The French And Indian War

    France, specifically over the Ohio River Valley territory. From rich soil to quality trading grounds, the Ohio River Valley was sought out by many groups due to the abundance of benefits. The British and the colonists fought the French and the Native Americans for 7 years (thus, “The Seven Years’ War”). Although the French surrendered and the British gained the land in the end, England was broke. Proclamation of 1763 Put into place by King George after the French and Indian war, the Proclamation…

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  • Conflict: After The French And Indian War

    After the French and Indian War, conflict started between the British and the colonist. While the war was going on the British decided they would come up with some new policies that they wanted the colonist to follow. After the war ended the colonist were not hesitate to state the calm. They refused to pay their taxes.”…the most serious of which was the lax enforcement of royal polices in the colonies, the principle labeled ‘salutary neglect’.” Salutary neglect from the colonist was them not…

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