Individual Rights In America

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America have stood as the first country in the world for a long time. However, the first place wasn’t something that was granted-America has fought the way up to the top position since the day she declared herself as a country. Throughout her 400 years of history, we can see the changes America had gone through. Like any countries in the world, people have controversial opinions on America. Some favors the values she hold while some would rather the values never existed; I am of that way too. However, I still liked America no matter what bad characteristics she holds. America is a land where everyone is granted the opportunity to be successful; even out of nothing. America stresses the importance of rights and justice. Liberty and equality …show more content…
From the Bill of Rights to the Pledge of Allegiance that students stand to pledge every morning, the ideal of equality and justice are filled the life of typical American. The ideal of individual rights were deeply embedded into the history of America. The Bill of Rights and the amendments to the United States Constitution formed what America is. The Bill of Rights gave us the right of property and freedom of speech; which are only privileges in some countries. This enable America to achieve humanity by not pressuring the public to act in accordance. In fact, many foreigner came to America for the sake of this …show more content…
This melting pot condenses of cultures filled with different religion, different background, different practices-almost every kinds of people can be found in the melting pot. There is something that I found interesting: unlike other ethnicity groups where their ethnicity names are based on how they look, American is not an ethnicity that is exclusively based on the race, religion, or look. American is a name for all the ethnicities that consider themselves as Americans and shares the American identity.
On the land of the United States, we often see the grounds of different ethnicity groups. Taking New York as an example. New York has been the first ground where most immigrants set their feet on the American soil. Starting from the late 1800s when Europeans first immigrated to America, New York has been a neighborhood that homed many ethnicity from the Italians to the Chinese. There is Harlem where African Americans blooms their cultures. Little Italy have been known for its large populations of Italian; and Chinatown where many Chinese who had immigrated to America had found their

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