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What if General Washing ton had been killed in battle during the American Revolution? What if the North had lost the Civil War to the South? To think about these occurrences, you have to imagine the unimaginable. What would the world look like without America? The United States has been even nicknames from its own citizens and people of other countries, such as, “Idiots,Powerful, Overrated, and Self-Absorbed.” America is an idea that people can acquire wealth not by taking it, but by earning it. So many people hate this “idea” and the country itself. The United States has been accused of many crimes such as, taking away land, abusing labor of just African Americans, stealing the Mexican territory, and theft of the American Dream. All of these accusations can be proven wrong and that the world needs America to thrive on. The first accusation is “Theft of Land” which caused the genocide of Native Americans. Chairman White Face was a Native American Activist and a current member of the Sioux Nation. In an interview she expressed how much she wished Christopher Columbus never came to America. Her ancestral land was the black hills (which includes Mt. Rushmore.) She sees this mountain along with the land around it, as a sign of genocide and oppression. The genocide of Indians started with Christopher Columbus who enslaved 1,500 Arawak Indians and ended 400 years later with the Trail …show more content…
No. We are a perfect nation with imperfect people. All of us have made mistakes but we aren't the only country who has. Without America the world would look completely different today. Our country has provided the world with culture that others participate in. Aid in disasters and war; and hope for an opportunity for people everywhere. In the event that American would have to take the stand in trial against the accusations, the American people would be proven innocent as we are not the

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