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  • Case Study Of Gestational Diabetes

    status. Her physician had explained the possible risk of going into a pregnancy overweight and the possibility of having gestational diabetes. When she was screened at 24 weeks of conception for gestational diabetes the results of her oral glucose tolerance test was as follow: Fasting: ≥ 103mg/dL 1hour: ≥ 204mg/dL 2hour: ≥ 172mg/dL Damaris was told the gestational diabetes can be controlled with diet and exercise and was referred to a dietician in the hospital for a consult. She was advised…

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  • What Happens When You Eat Sugar Essay

    What happens when you eat sugar? Eating carbs causes the pancreas to release the hormone insulin to reduce the blood sugar spike. Insulin regulates the level of sugar in the blood - the more sugar in the bloodstream, the more insulin is released. Insulin then goes on to ‘store’ glucose in the liver and muscles in the form of glycogen. If too much insulin is released, your blood sugar will to drop too low causing low-blood sugar. This causes you to crave sugar and the vicious cycle continues.…

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  • Insulin Pump Essay

    For many years, humans suffered from a variety of diseases such as HIV and different types of Cancer. But unfortunately, only for some a cure has been discovered. Diabetes, where a human body cannot produce insulin, is one of the examples of dangerous diseases, if not treated carefully. A pure cure for Diabetes has not been discovered yet, but there is a diverse variety of medication available such as the insulin pump. The insulin pump is a combination of an engineering and a medical product and…

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  • Carbohydrates Case Study

    Discussion Group 1 who ingested 300ml water and 50g of glucose refer to figure 2 showed an increase in blood sugar levels that stayed above baseline for 80minutes. The results didn’t show what was expected as since it was a foodstuff that only contained carbohydrate. It also had a high GI and therefore was expected to raise blood glucose levels more quickly than those that also contain fats and protein. Also liquids that contain carbohydrates will cause blood glucose levels to rise faster than…

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  • Glomerulonephritis Case Study

    Glomerulonephritis is the inflammation of the tiny small blood vessels within the kidneys that acts as filter called glomeruli. The disease damages the kidneys' ability to remove waste and excess fluids from the body. Glomerulonephritis can be acute - sudden attack of inflammation, or chronic- long-term and coming on gradually. In the past, chronic glomerulonephritis was the common cause of chronic renal failure but as of today, diabetes mellitus and hypertension are the main causes of ESRD,…

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  • Cyclocross: The Role Of Glycose In The Body

    As discussed in goal two, Cyclocross utilizes all of the body’s energy systems including the ATP-PC, glycolytic, and oxidative systems. A majority of the power output in Cyclocross is generated from glycolysis. This includes both anaerobic and aerobic glycolysis where glucose is converted to ATP for the body’s energy needs. Figure three shows how efforts ranging from thirty to ninety percent of a riders max power will utilize the glycolytic energy system. The glycolytic system is dependent…

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  • Essay On The Effect Of Exercise On Cognitive Fitness

    Title: The Effects of Exercise and Diet on Cognitive Function Abstract: The overall objective of the experiment was to observe the overall effect exercise and a healthy balanced diet on cognitive function after a period of two months and compare the results obtained for a person who did not regularly exercise and eat healthy meals. Physical activity commenced for 45 minutes, four days a week over a period of two months. Pulse rate and glucose levels were taken to record blood sugar levels…

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  • Type 2 Diabetes Type 1 Research Paper

    is because they are overweight and have very little activity in their life. Tests doctors do to determine if someone has type two diabetes include Glycated hemoglobin test (A1C), random blood sugar test, fasting blood sugar test, and oral glucose tolerance test. The A1C test indicates someone’s average blood sugar level over the past two to three months. Which measures the percentage of the blood sugar attached to the hemoglobin. If the A1C level is 6.5 or higher this indicates diabetes. Random…

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  • Of Mice And Glucose Experiment Essay

    All the animal experiments were performed in accordance with the guidelines established by the Animal Ethics Committee of Wonkwang University, and this experiment was approved by the committee (Approval No. WKU15-101). To evaluate the effect of BGE on fasting blood glucose levels, C57BL/6J (dbdb) 30 mice (20 –25g, 4 weeks, male Lepr(+/+)) and C57BL/6J (dbh) 10 mice (20–25g, 4 weeks, male Lepr(+/-)) were used as the animal model. All the animals were purchased from SAMTACO (Osan, Korea) All the…

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  • Essay On Type 2 Diabetes

    Glucose Test can be used by the doctor. This test assesses blood sugar levels, regardless of the last meal consumed. If blood sugar levels are > than 200mg/dl, then the patient is considered to have Type 2 diabetes; fourth, is the Oral Glucose Tolerance Test. This test involves an overnight fast, drinking a liquid high in sugar and taking periodic tests that indicate blood sugar levels over several hours. If after two hours there is a reading > 200mg/dl, the patient is diagnosed with…

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