Diagnostic Testing And Appropriate Treatment

In this paper, I will be talking about the diagnostic testing, complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), appropriate treatment, typical prognosis, patient teaching and potential barriers. I hope that you can learn from these different topics about type one diabetes mellitus. Diagnostic Testing The diagnostic testing that is done for diabetes mellitus is that they can give urine tests, which they will give you, a paper strip or even a dipstick and when you dip it, it is supposed to change color. The strip shows the amount of sugar that is in the urine. There is keotones in the urine, which can be noticed by doing a dipstick test. Ketoacidosis can be a life-threatening thing …show more content…
People need to take care of their diabetes every day, by monitoring the levels, dietary management, maintain physical activity, keep weight and stress under control, monitor oral medications, if required use the insulin injection. To appropriately lower your levels you need to watch your eating habits and work out much more. You can get a dietary plan going with your doctor to help you keep on track. Sometimes you will need to use insulin therapy and inject yourself multiple times a day. An insulin pump is an alternate to using injections. There are four types of insulin: 1) rapid-acting, 2) short-acting, 3) intermediate- acting, 4) long-acting. Your doctor will determine which type of insulin will work great with you and your body. There is not a standard insulin to use at all, it just depends on body weight, when and what you eat, how often you exercise and how much sugar your body makes. You can take oral medications too. Even if people with diabetes eat healthy and work out the sugar remains high in the body. All different medications work differently with every person. The medications will improve the body’s sugar, reduce the sugar, and increase insulin production. Sometimes you really need to take oral diabetes medications in combination with the insulin. Therefore, if you follow the expected treatments everything will go right with the diabetes and your

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