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Blood sugar

Why test his blood sugar level?
Some diseases, such as diabetes, can cause damage to the pancreas, which affects insulin production negatively. The symptoms are often very weak. Many people may have the disease for a long time without knowing of it, and most have no symptoms at all. With this test, you will quickly find out if you have an elevated blood sugar level, which can be a sign of diabetes. The faster the disease down the faster the right treatment.

How is the test procedure to?
The test is based on an enzymatic reaction, which means that special dyes activated and causes a color change in proportion to the glucose content in the blood. The test must be done on an empty stomach and go to so that you take a simple finger
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In a healthy person, the concentration of glucose between 4 and 6 mmol / L, fasting. The concentration of glucose in the blood is controlled primarily by the hormones insulin and glucagon. When we have eaten triggers insulin liver, muscle and fat cells to increase their uptake of glucose causing the blood sugar lowering. When blood sugar is low, it is glucagon that affects the liver and muscles so that they release a portion of the glucose they gathered up. Glucagon is produced in the alpha cells, and insulin is produced in the so-called islet (beta-cells). Both cell types were found in the pancreas. Different types of disorders can cause damage to the pancreas, which affects the production of insulin negatively. This leads to an elevated concentration of glucose in the blood and the consequence is a disorder of the metabolic process. The most common and significant metabolic disorder is diabetes. People with diabetes produce too little insulin and therefore can not maintain stable blood sugar levels. People with diabetes may need help through medication, insulin syringes or changes in the diet to maintain proper blood sugar levels.

What are the risks of high blood sugar?
Elevated blood glucose levels may be a sign that you are suffering from diabetes. If you have high blood sugar for a long time can damage blood vessels. This may sometimes lead to heart attack, stroke or injury to the

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