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  • Comparison Of Cyber-Attack On Sony Case Study: War With North Korea

    Abstract This case study examines the correlations between the cyber-attack on Sony and the release of the movie ‘The Interview,’ and the reaction of the American public. After the recent cyber-attacks on Sony, cyber warfare is becoming more recognizable as the new form of global terrorism. The problems of this case study involve the outrage of North Korea, the freedom of the American people, and the damage done to Sony as a business directly and indirectly. This case study begins to explain how…

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  • The Lusitania Disaster

    For both the Lusitania disaster and 9/11 attacks, the historic phase came immediately. In the Lusitania disaster, help took several hours and unfortunately by then many had succumbed to hypothermia or drowning. Local fishermen helped recover bodies, find the unaccounted for and bodies were laid to rest in Queenstown following the disaster, with a memorial to commemorate the victims. Immediately after reports of the 9/11 attacks first responders raced to save as many people as possible from the…

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  • Western Influence On Jewish Culture

    their conquest of the peninsula, the Jews welcomed Muslims leaders. These Muslims would conquer most of Iberia and called their new land al-Andalus. In the end, these wars and rebellions that took place after the fall of Roman contributed to the integration of Islamic Spain by mixing the religions of Christianity, Islamic, and Jewish cultures together. After Abd al-Rahman…

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  • Cause And Effect Of 9/11 Attack On New York City

    would take place, right in front of their eyes. Around eight-thirty in the morning on September 11th, al-Qaeda terrorist hijacked numerous airliners filled with commuters. Nineteen terrorists were…

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  • Traumatic Night Of My Life: A Short Story

    I still think back on the night that changed my life. The night started off so normal, but that changed fast. I can truly say that was the most traumatic night of my life. A memory that’ll never be lost. I was only four at the time yet I still can feel all the emotions from that night. I lived in the projects. Saying that I was still trapped with my parents. That night with them changed me for good, and it made me the person I am today. The tiny apartment always fueled altercations between…

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  • Summary Of Eboo Patel's Sacred Ground

    After the terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001, a wave of chaos hit the United States. People began to blame an entire religious group for the actions of just a few people. Anyone who identified with the Muslim faith was immediately targeted and feared or hated. Instead of America being a welcoming nation for religious diversity, it had become a place where speaking out for religious freedom meant endless prosecution. To combat this, people like Eboo Patel started to make their messages of…

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  • Brad's House Fire Case Study

    This case pertains to Brad, Tom and a few other parties that are legally involved. On December 15th, an explosion occurred at Brad’s house. This explosion created embers and sparks which reached Tom’s house, who lives two houses down, which caused a fire to irrupt at Tom’s House. The fire caused minor damages to Tom however, there was a fire fighter named Katherine who in attempt to put out the fire, caused significant water damage. Tom and Brad both would like to commence some legal action. Tom…

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  • Summary Of St. Valentine's Day Massacre

    of Capone’s whiskey transports. The biggest problem Capone faced was Frank Yale. What once was a strong companion, was now the main motivator of disruptions to Al’s whisky business. Yale then met his death with a “Tommy gun” one Sunday afternoon. Al Capone’s biggest and longest threat was Bug Moran and his North Siders gang. The rival was so bad that Moran…

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  • Taliban Research Papers

    The Taliban started to regroup and take power again. They began by starting small attacks on motorcycles. They would set small bombs in the ground and ambush the foreign troops. They would start going bigger and the TTP would start to attack across the border. Later after they decided they had become powerful enough to start attacking bigger. Jalaluddin Haqqani became in charge of controlling the southeastern region. The Taliban would control the south. The Taliban worked out the problems with…

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  • Reefer Madness Summary

    In the introduction of Reefer Madness by Eric Schlosser, he explains how the black market, also known as the underground, has been growing in not only the United States but also in many other countries over the last forty years. When most people think about the black market they automatically think of a gangster who is smuggling guns, immigrants, and drugs. What most don't realize is, even when a bartender gets tipped in cash and doesn't report it in their taxes, thats tax evading. The reason…

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