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  • Dante's Inferno: Pier Delle Vigna

    Pier delle Vigna was inappropriately charged with the attempted murder of Frederick II, Holy Roman emperor and king of Sicily. He was conspired against by envious people who wanted to see an end to his greatness. Once charged, Pier was jailed, beaten, and had his eyes viciously removed from his skull, blinding him. He saw no hope for his future, and therefore ended his life, by bashing his head against the wall until his brain leapt from his cranium. Pier was the victim of political envy, which…

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  • Egypt's Golden Empire: The Warrior Pharaohs

    This week we learned about the chapter, Egypt Under the Pharaohs in the Old, Middle, and New Kingdom. I will be cornering in on the art of the Palate of King Narmer, the Fragmentary head of Senuret III, and Akhenaton, Nefertiti, and three daughters. I will also be discussing “Egypt’s Golden Empire: The Warrior Pharaohs”. In the Old Kingdom, the front and back carvings on the Palette of King Narmer were of big focus. Dated circa 3000-2920 BCE, from Hierakonpolis, Egypt, in the Predynastic era,…

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  • Egyptian Empire

    His decision to give Cambyses II, the ruler of Persia, a substitute daughter instead of his own daughter was a mistake because he did not want her to become a concubine. Cambyses II discovered the lie and plotted war against Egypt. This mistake led to Egypt being held under Persian rule. Psametik III became pharaoh at a young age at the start of the war in…

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  • Pharah Tanwetamani: A Comparative Analysis

    In this paper, I am going to talk about the statue of Pharaoh Tanwetamani who is a Nubian king of the 25th dynasty. He is the person who is actually not an Egyptian but had ruled the Nile valley temporarily. Therefore, he was allowed to possess the Egyptian royal title as well as the sculptured style. I am going to compare this statue with both the works of same culture, such as Khafre, and the works of different culture, for instance, Kroisos and the Doryphoros. The Statue of Pharaoh…

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  • Literary Elements Of Conflict In Alfred Hitchcock's Film Psycho

    Watching someone get murdered on screen is startling, but it’s even more startling when the audience does not expect it to happen. Psycho, a film by Alfred Hitchcock is an American classic, because of one specific scene, the scene where Marion Crane is stabbed to death in the shower. Psycho starts with Crane stealing the money of a client at the bank she works at, and leaving town to give the money to her boyfriend. On the way, she stops at Bates Motel to stay the night. At the hotel, she meets…

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  • Psycho: Movie Analysis

    Normal. Norman being the child who relied on his mother, Norma being the mother and Normal being the Norman who despises his mother. The novel ends with Sam hoping that Lila won't forget him and hopes for a possible future together (Robert Bloch's Psycho II does show they do get together). As for the final scene in the film with "mother" saying she wouldn't hurt a fly, that thankfully is the same and yes, it still gives me goosebumps to this…

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  • Similarities Between The Great Sphinx And Hatshepsut

    Everyday we pass by a work of art and don't even acknowledge its existence. Art is everywhere we go, for example, a statue in a park is a work of art, it’s not only there for decorations. It has a purpose for being at that particular location, with hope that someone may notice it. Having the opportunity to learn about previous artworks, one of them really stood out to me from ancient Egypt. When an individual hears Egyptian art they mostly think about mummies, pyramids, or Pharaohs. But I came…

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  • Foreshadowing In Psycho

    Whenever a film is produced there is conflict with whether viewers liked it or not; however, the answer to this statement is based off how the producer directs the movie. Did the film look realistic, is it exciting? Movie watchers look for this, they want to watch something interesting, not something that will bore them. Furthermore, the movie Psycho, was a black and white slasher produced in 1960 by Alfred Hitchcock. Psycho shows many scenes that will leave the audience confused, a motel owner…

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  • Analysis Of King Khosrow And Queen Shirin In The Garden Court

    The Painting on Ivory depicts King Khosrow and Queen Shirin in the Garden Court and was constructed by Persian Rovhani during the 20th century. The lively scene makes its presence known in that it is vivid in its use of color yet uniform all the same, the text is included around the images rather than the other way around, and the individual events are separated into discrete horizontal sections yet are woven together seamlessly into the fabric of the scene. In addition, the narrative of the…

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  • The Explanation Of The Lamassu: A Horned Lion

    Standing majestically with a gaze protruding from a body of “white limestone and alabaster…” (MET), the Human-headed winged lion measures up to 10 feet and 3 ½ inches in height. Also referred to as the Lamassu, the sculpture is adorned with a “horned crown” that represents a spiritual holiness. Despite the crown’s intention to convey a state of “divinity”, it is in my observation to point out how outwardly phallic the top of the Lamassu head appears. It may be a vague symbol of masculine power…

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