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  • Stephen Kotkin's Magnetic Mountain Stalinism As A Civilization

    In other words, the image of Hitler was seen by the people of Germany as a unifying factor designed to pursue German nationalism and the reestablishment of Germany as a leading German power following the devastation that visited Germany in the aftermaths of World War I. Thus, Gurian in 1945 utilized an approach to history that was parallel to that of Kershaw who was writing in 1987. Although these two historians were separated by over 42 years, they both realized that nationalism was a vehicle…

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  • Significance Of Silence In Night By Elie Wiesel

    Silence means forgetting. Avoiding a lesson, denying the truth, means failing to learn from past mistakes. As seen in the novel Night by Elie Wiesel, the Holocaust is a tragic event that took place in human history. The word Holocaust is of Greek origin, meaning “sacrifice by fire” (memorial council 1). This event begs to be forgotten due to the inability of people to face the harsh realities taking place during this time period in the 1940s. Normal civilians were aware of the cattle cars…

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  • Essay On Käthe Kollwitz

    The Voice of Käthe Kollwitz Käthe Kollwitz was a German graphic artist from the early 20th century that first came into prominence around the 1900s with images of class conflict and social critique. Kollwitz’s post-war artwork depicted simplified human figures that expressed the human condition as well as the tragedy of war in black and white. She cared nothing for current art fashions, such as expressionism, cubism, and surrealism, because it was irrelevant to the concerns of working people…

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  • Nuclear Weapons During The Cold War Essay

    Mutually assured destruction prevented an outbreak of nuclear warfare during the Cold War. The stance against the employment of nuclear weapons arose from shifting norms in international society, as states were prompted to dedicate themselves to preventative war. Additionally, it was challenged whether the enormously devastating impact of nuclear weapons was ethically sound and whether it could be effectively used militarily. The notion that there was no winner to a nuclear war, however,…

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  • World War 1 Vs Ww2

    and other modern advances. A lot has happened but there were two wars that created a huge amount of change in the world. These two wars define the amount of devastation wars can cause and hopefully we do not repeat another world war. World Wars I and II were defining wars not just because they included a majority of the world, but some gruesome events occurred. Nations demonstrated to what lengths they would go to conquer the other countries and some very evil and sadistic leaders did some…

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  • First World War Analysis

    There have been many debates about how the First World War started in 1914 among historians. A German historian, Fritz Fischer, proposed the most common theory about how the war started by putting the blame completely on Germany. However, historians nowadays tend to overlook this proposal and try to re-apportion the guilt, which is not merely based on either the sole-guilt thesis or the sole- innocence thesis. Four different trends in the historiography have appeared that explain how the war…

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  • The Failure Of Hitler's V-II Rocket

    At the end of the War World II, Germany faced “catastrophic” failure. In a final bid for victory, “Hitler ordered the launch of a new secret weapon” (Everest, Space Race)—the V-2 rockets, which “[took] just 6 minutes to travel 200 miles to London” (Everest, Space Race) and caused 134 people to die without any defense. Obviously, Hitler’s V2 Long Range Rockets were deadly. Hence, this attack soon drew Allies’, especially the Soviets’ and the Americans’, attentions. They realized that the V-2…

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  • Postcolonization Of African American Women

    Starting in the 1900’s Europe descended of Africa, and set out to colonize it in the hopes of spreading out with the eventual intent of conquering the entire continent. This initial interactions with the African natives set up standards of treatment that would continue to prevail even through World War 2. Looking into some of the early ideas and practices of the first colonizers, readers will gain a better understanding of how certain ideas and stereotypes came about, and how these moved and…

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  • Racism In The Civil Right Movement

    Field of Color “Midterm Analytical Essay” World War II, for most people, conjures up images of Pearl Harbor, Nazis, and Japanese concentration camps comes to mind; but for those minorities who served in the military in any capacity in WWII, either became the new front line for a different type of war, or a savior from another. African-Americans were faced with brutality and social segregation, meanwhile Native-Americans found a military that respected them and revered them as some of the best…

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  • Immigrate To Canada

    Historical Perspective 1914-1929 The idea that people of different walks of life all have different perspectives on decisions based on life experiences speaks true to the period of 1914-1929 as the ways that British males attempted to include other members of society doesn’t seem to include everyone else. In the period between the beginning of the First World War and the beginning of the Great Depression, only white males of British descent enjoyed all the rights and privileges of being a member…

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