Foreshadowing In Psycho

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Whenever a film is produced there is conflict with whether viewers liked it or not; however, the answer to this statement is based off how the producer directs the movie. Did the film look realistic, is it exciting? Movie watchers look for this, they want to watch something interesting, not something that will bore them. Furthermore, the movie Psycho, was a black and white slasher produced in 1960 by Alfred Hitchcock. Psycho shows many scenes that will leave the audience confused, a motel owner Norman Bates cares for Marion a girl who arrives during a storm. This film is one to pay attention to, because certain scenes will lead to others. The 1960 film Psycho produced by Hitchcock will leave viewers with a different perspective on how images are presented throughout the film. …show more content…
This will leave a viewer guessing what will happen next. There is one scene during this film that has many clues leading to it. After Marion pulls into Bates Motel during a rainy night, she comes across the owner Norman Bates. Not only does he have her sign in, but he assigns cabin one, which is beside the office. Now for viewers who saw Bates Motel the movie will put one and two together, knowing that this is a bad decision. Marion is shown to her room, where Norman insist on showing her around. At one point he begins to get nervous. He proceeds to the bathroom, but acts strange, he never actually says here is the bathroom, he says, “there’s that,” after turning on the light. One may feel as though something happened in there and he is afraid of the bathroom. He acts weird after that scene. With many strange encounters happening, Norman says, “I think we are all in our own private traps,” viewers may hear this and think that Norman is going to trap her, because the way he comes across saying it is very straight forward as if that is his

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