Workplace Safety Essay

  • Safety: The Importance Of Safety In The Workplace

    Introduction Safety is an important part of life that people sometimes overlooked until it costs them money or personal discomfort. Webster’s dictionary defines safe as “the condition of being safe from undergoing or causing hurt, injury, or loss.” As a wastewater professional, can you do your job safely? This book is intended to stress the importance of safety in the workplace by dividing it into two categories: Risk Awareness and Risk Management. Risk Awareness Safety is a 24 hour a day, 7 days a week job. Safety requires continuous education to bring awareness to the causes of accidents. Safety is an attitude, which is why anyone with the right attitude can reduce accidents. By controlling the way we think, habits can be changed, and accidents reduced. A safety conscious worker must listen and communicate to manage hazards. People are more careful when trained on the potential hazards. By doing so, hazards can be managed, and accidents can be avoided, this is the main concept in risk awareness, which will be broken down into the following sections: Unsafe Acts, the SAVE method, and Personal Safety. Knowledge and utilization of these key areas will improve safety. Unsafe Acts To bring awareness to the hazards of the work environment, it is important to think about safety at all times, as mentioned earlier. One big cause of accidents in the workplace is the workers engaging in unsafe acts. Statistics from safety authorities show nine out of ten injuries are the…

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  • The Importance Of Safety And Safety Training In The Workplace

    health and safety of workers has not always been a main concern for companies in the past. Production and profit was usually the main focus even if it was at the expense of the safety and health of the workers. The focus on workplace safety began during the industrial revolution when the incidents of worker injuries and deaths started to sharply rise (Rodriguez, 2012). In just one year from 1912-1913, the National Safety Council estimated that there were 82 unintentional work related deaths a…

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  • The Dangers Of Occupational Safety And Safety In The Workplace

    It is not uncommon for individuals to get injured on the job, sometimes due to an unsafe environment and or condition within the workplace. Accidents do happen, however, having policies in the workplace to assist employees in being safe while doing their jobs can ensure that their family and the business is not devastated due to lack of knowledge. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration an estimate of 14,000 workers were killed in 1970, that number has since fell to…

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  • Safety Dilemmas: Occupational Safety And Safety In The Workplace

    At Daisy’s Campground, safety is of the highest priority. The lack of knowledge and experience could not only injure an employee but possibly a customer as well. The top three major safety concerns is the restroom facilities, the storage and handling of chemicals, and the use of power tools. These three topics have been identified by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) as areas of concern for employers and small businesses. Restroom Policy Campground restrooms are more…

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  • Importance Of Safety Culture In The Workplace

    Several measures can be taken to incorporate safety culture at work place. In order to implement safety culture at work place organizations should take into consideration the behavioral aspect of each and every employee. The other term used to describe this is called as behavioural based safety measure. Such kind of measure can be taken by the peer observations to check the involvement of the employees, safety assessment at workplace and loop holes prevailing over there. Behaviour- based safety…

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  • Health And Safety In The Workplace

    research paper will focus on workplace health and safety and why it is important to promote and adopt the health and safety practices in businesses and companies. The paper also discusses the reasons health and safety practices should be promoted by organizations and business, and the effects of ignoring them. Health and safety procedures in the workplace are necessary for the safety of both the employees and the managers or CEOs. Workplace violence is a constant concern for…

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  • Workplace Safety Essay

    D. Workplace Safety: Any and all employees will adhere to all federal rules and guidelines when it comes to safety in the work environment which are provided in a separate disclosure in the employee manual. Every employee will be subjected to drug testing to obtain employment and drug testing will be given randomly to the employee picked anonymously. Employees that test positive will then be given a chance to retake and if a second positive result is presented employment will be terminated. All…

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  • Essay On Workplace Safety

    The Legal Framework For Workplace Safety and Health consist of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) of 1970. Worker’s Compensation, The American’s with Disabilities Act, and the Family Medical Leave Act. State and municipalities are not required to follow the standards of The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) of 1970, but the Department of Labor provides them the option to comply with the OSHA. “ Most states have chosen the option of designating a state agency to administer…

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  • The Importance Of Workplace Safety Standards

    Building – Safety Plan Safety is very important and should not be overlooked because ignoring it can cost you in the long run. It is vital to plan and test the safety procedures that are to be used in a new structure. Safety should always be a priority in the work area. You should always have a plan in place in case something was to happen unexpectedly. The Safety Plan should follow the rules that are set down by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration). OSHA is the government…

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  • The Importance Of Safety In The Workplace

    Safety in the workplace accounts for the policies and procedures established in order to prioritise the safety and health of employees within a workplace. There are numerous legal and non-legal measures that have been enforced by legislators and non-legal organisations, in the hopes to accomplish equality and fairness for individuals. However, it’s undeniable that they may be inadequate towards achieving justice for victims, essentially questioning their effectiveness. First and foremost,…

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