Health And Safety In The Workplace

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This research paper will focus on workplace health and safety and why it is important to promote and adopt the health and safety practices in businesses and companies. The paper also discusses the reasons health and safety practices should be promoted by organizations and business, and the effects of ignoring them. Health and safety procedures in the workplace are necessary for the safety of both the employees and the managers or CEOs. Workplace violence is a constant concern for organizations and businesses today. The concern of diseases as well as other health related problems and issues have been noted to affect the worker performance, and other work related duties. It is very important for managers and CEOs to understand it’s their …show more content…
Workplace health involves considering not just the individual behaviors of the members of the organization but the entire organizational culture. Health place and safety in the workplace is not a new concept, it has existed for a long time, but it was not given as much importance as it is starting to get now.

The Health and Safety Act of 1974, often referred to as HASAW or HSW places a duty on all employers to ensure the health and safety at the work place for all of the workers. This Act requires safe operation and maintenance of the working environment, plant and systems; Maintenance of safe access and egress to the workplace; Safe use, handling and storage of dangerous substances; Adequate training of staff to ensure health and safety; Adequate welfare provisions for staff at work. Employers must also keep a written health and safety policy available to the workers.
In 1992 regulations were applied to the workplace to make sure the workplace is safe and suitable for tasks and nothing presents risks such as, ventilation, lighting, temperature control, doors and gates, washing facilities, drinking water and facilities for changing clothes, these are just a few of the regulations of
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As a business owner legal requirements must comply with you to ensure the workplace meets (WHS) needs. Before 2012, (WHS) was known as Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S). Some benefits of keeping (WHS) in your business include; Helps you keep employees, maximizes productivity, minimizes injuries, reduces cost of workers comp. and ensures you meet legal requirements. Obligations for businesses; Legal responsibilities come upon a business owner to implement safety in the workplace. Businesses are legally obliged to: Provide safe work premises, assess risks and implement appropriate measures for controlling them, ensure safe use of goods and substances, maintain safe machinery, provide safe work environment, have insurance and workers comp. available to employees. (WHS) obligations for workers: Comply with instructions given for safety, Use all (PPE) and be properly trained on how to use it, don’t place others at risk, don’t injure yourself. Workplace safety is not only important because it’s the law, it’s important because many people’s lives are in danger when it comes to workplace safety and health. It’s smart to use workplace safety to keep things running regularly and in good quality. Not only does using safety in the workplace keep you and others safe, it also keeps down the cost of the company by preventing injuries and machinery

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