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  • Summary Of The Poem Marks By Linda Pastan

    Introduction to Literature 12th Edition” by Kelly J. Mays, you will find a poem written by Linda Pastan on page 838 titled “Marks”. This poem’s poetry genre is Dramatic. It is considered a Dramatic poem because it gives off a tone of the narrator explaining a situation rather than writing or telling a story. In this poem, Linda Pastan used metaphors as her literary device. The whole poem is one big metaphor because her family is using a grading system to rate her as a wife as well as a mother. In “Marks”, Linda Pastan starts out the poem by explaining what her husband thinks about her and ending the poem about what her children think of her. She starts off the poem stating that her husband gives her an A for her cooking skills, an incomplete for ironing and a B+ for her skills in bed. Here she is explaining how her family uses a grading system to grade her as a housewife. She then proceeds and talks about her children. Her son explains that she is an average mother but she can definitely improve on her skills. Her daughter on the other hand, believes in pass and failing grades and tells her mother that she is passing. The last sentence of the poem takes a dark turn and Linda Pastan states, “Wait ‘til they learn I’m dropping out.” There are so many ways to interpret that last…

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  • Marks By Linda Pastan And Barbie Doll Analysis

    I will be comparing the poem Marks by Linda Pastan and Barbie Doll by Marge Piercy. First, to start off both of the poems titles have to do something with body image, and how everyone views us. The setting of each poems are not made very clear, I see them from a mid 20s woman married in Marks by Linda Pastan and a younger girl going through middle school or high school with Barbie Doll by Marge Piercy. I think each poem is narrated by women for two reasons, one it was written by a woman and two…

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  • Similarities Between Schizophrenia And Marks By Linda Pastan

    Several subjects are taboo in polite company, including the delicate topic of mental health. Both “Schizophrenia” by Jim Stevens and “Marks” by Linda Pastan address this topic within their poetry, albeit in drastically different manners. Reading these poems through only once can hide many of the traits that are shared. While “Schizophrenia” and Marks may greatly differ in terms of structure and point of view, they offer similar construction and insights. Structure is visually different in…

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  • What Is The Theme Of The Poem Marks By Linda Pastan

    “Marks” is a poem by Linda Pastan in the mid 1970s about a young wife and mother. It describes her treatment by her husband and children, ending with a dramatic statement that leaves the reader with multiple options for the outcome. The poem begins on a slightly happy note, a good grade she has received. Once we get into the second and third grades, we can easily see the decline of the happiness in the poem. As the poem progresses, the reader begins to realize that the persona of the poem is…

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  • Reliability On Emotions In To A Daughter Leaving Home By Linda Pastan And John Donne

    Reliability on Emotions The last ray of sunshine, chills the shattering heart. With every break, leaves an everlasting impact with no fixability. The heart is the vital organ to which emotions are depicted, and felt in every human being. Philip Larkin, Linda Pastan and John Donne each reinstated different and strong emotions experienced by many throughout the course of life. Although each poet expressed different emotions in their poems, each was deliberately distinguished throughout. The mood…

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  • To A Daughter Leaving Home Poem Analysis

    Linda Pastan’s poem, “To a Daughter Leaving Home” is a mother’s reflection of the progression of her daughter’s life from childhood to being independent and leaving home for the first time. The speaker is a mother who reflects back on teaching her daughter to ride a bicycle at eight years old and compares the memory to her daughter’s current independence of leaving home as an adult. The nostalgic tone of this poem conveys that the mother is emotional about the parting of her daughter, but she…

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  • Analysis Of To A Daughter Leaving Home

    To a Daughter Leaving Home” Companion In Linda Pastan’s poem, “To a Daughter Leaving Home,” home is a place of reflection. In this poem, a mother is reflecting upon a time when her daughter had left home. Although, the home in which she is leaving is not a place but a feeling. The home is the relationship between a mother and a daughter. Pastan’s, “To a Daughter Leaving Home,” relies on the speaker, word choice, elapse of time, evocative feelings, and sentence structure to depict the mother’s…

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  • Gender Ruling In Poetry

    Gender Ruling What are a woman’s duties? Do they involve being at home? Or can women be accepted in men dominated jobs? The answer is simple. We, as a society, tend to judge the occupation of people based on their genders. Many poems convey a different message or theme and some authors have written about issues that he or her faces or issues that we face as a whole. Gender roles has been a fairly widespread topic by authors in these poems and the authors try to portray the message of society…

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  • The Five Stages Of Grief Analysis

    of continuous struggle. In Robert Frost’s melancholy poem, “Acquainted With the Night”, and Linda Pastan’s creation, “The Five Stages of Grief”, both poems emphasize this dismal sensation in a reflection of their past experiences. Grief is a natural response that many individuals, including myself, display following a sorrowful event. The poems articulate that when faced with distressing or pessimistic situations, despite one’s powerful urge to surmount these instances, they may still remain in…

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  • The Influence Of Love In Those Winter Sundays, By Robert Hayden

    awaken in my head. / But I’ve no spade to follow men like them.” (27-28), which shows that even though he respects them he is taking a separate path from them and has chosen to become a writer instead. He has instead decided use the pen and “dig with it” (31), that even though he might not be in the field digging up the potatoes he has still decided to carry on the family tradition in one way or another. In his own way he will pay proper homage to those generations that came before him long…

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