The Black Cat Essay

  • The Black Cat Analysis

    He and his wife had many pets, but one black cat stood out from the rest. Its name was Pluto. It was the man’s favorite playmate for many years; but eventually, he began to feel deeply annoyed by all of his animals. So much so, that he neglected and abused them. But, his cat Pluto was different. It never received the mistreatment that the others did. According to the man, when his rage and intolerance grew too strong, Pluto could sense it and knew to keep its distance. One night, when the man returned home from a night of heavy drinking, “the fury of a demon” (Poe 706) possessed him. He grabbed the cat by its throat and “deliberately cut one of its eyes from the socket” (Poe 706). Still unsatisfied, the man hung the cat from a tree, to be certain of its demise. One possible explanation for the man’s extreme behavior is that he felt too exposed by the cat. The animal could “see” the darkness within the man’s soul and it made him uneasy. The only way he could feel secure was if he removed Pluto’s eye and then asphyxiate him. In “The Tell-Tale Heart,” the main character was deeply disturbed not by a cat’s eye but, by a man’s eye. He described that the eye had the same look as that of a vulture’s (Poe). It was “a pale blue, with film over it” (Poe 702). Every night at mid-night, the obsessive man would sneak into the other man’s room and watch to see if his “vulture” eye was open; but, the man was always soundly asleep. On one particular evening, the man’s eye was wide open…

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  • Historicism In The Black Cat

    surrounded us with. The philosopher and scientist alike seek greater clarity and understanding in all things both material and immaterial; it is this somewhat stubborn proclivity that drives many critics of literature to perhaps look deeper than needed into their readings of texts to reveal meanings and themes that may actually just be projections of their own transposed to the work. This may be the case in regards to historicist readings of Edgar Allan Poe. While the biographical and…

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  • Symbolism In The Black Cat

    represent an idea or subject. The use of symbols is a way to communicate a deeper meaning and to employ an object to point to a different reality. The short story, “The Black Cat,” was written by Edgar Allan Poe in 1845. Poe tells a story of guilt, bad judgement, and mental deterioration. His short story is rich with countless different symbols representing these subjects. The narrator’s life is excellent up until the point where alcohol comes into his life. Then, he starts to abuse his animals…

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  • Black Cat Superstitions

    Ever wonder why people’s skin crawl when they cross a black cat? Or what about the reason people are so afraid of walking under a ladder? It is because some people are superstitious. In this paper we will define what “superstition” means. This paper will explain how some of the superstitions are developed and how people are affected by these beliefs. There are quite a few superstitions in America and they are very interesting. “Closer Look at Superstitions," states a superstition is when a…

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  • Witches In The Black Cat

    The Black Cat: Witches or Just Cats? I believe that both Pluto I and Pluto II are actually witches in the disguise of a black cat in the story, The Black Cat. It has been a well known superstition for hundreds of years that black cats are bad omens and are often witches. There has been a lifelong correlation between black cats and witches, in some instances the black cat is the witch’s favorite pet of choice and other cases the witch herself turns in a black cat. Therefore, it is not surprising…

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  • Romanticism In The Black Cat

    short stories; he is the first famous American to try to live by writing alone. One of his notorious short story’s is The Black Cat. He presented this short story on The Saturday Evening Post. Poe’s motive for writing this short story was to study the mindset of violence of a disturbed human being. In this short story some of Poe’s thoughts and visual imagery help him paint a full picture of Pluto, alcoholism, and depravity. First, a section of Poe’s thoughts and use of visual imagery helps…

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  • Black Cat Response

    I was addicted to Edgar Allan Poe's fantastic world spontaneously when I read his fictions. Edgar Allan Poe was born in Boston in 1809. He has many literary classics such as “The Tell-Tale Heart”. His short stories mainly focus on murder, bloody violence, and even supernatural events. The Black Cat is a short story and there were four main characters including the man, his wife, and two black cats. This story is about the man is a murder who kill the first cat and his wife. He had a large,…

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  • Theme Of Madness In The Black Cat

    “The Black Cat”: Impulses lead by Insanity Ignoring mental disorders is very risky, most mad people have a hard time accepting their mental illness. If left untreated and people suffering from mental disorders cannot manage their symptoms they can be driven to take risks, risks causing them to hurt themselves or others. Many people have committed crimes because their insanity drove them just a little too far which takes me too my question: to what extent will a man go to when he is driven by…

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  • Berenice And The Black Cat Analysis

    “The Black Cat” there are many distinct themes and analytical elements shown throughout the works. However, many of these are shared within all three of these pieces of literature. In these Edgar Allen Poe short stories, two recognizable themes and one analytical element are shown to be similar. In “Ligeia”, “Berenice”, and “The Black Cat”, a common theme is a mental grotesque, a common theme is transformations, and an analytical element…

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  • Examples Of Optimistism In The Black Cat

    The Black Cat: Horror or Optimistic Edgar A. Poe is traditional considered one of the greatest masters of horror stories. “The Black Cat” is one of his masterpieces, so the naïve readers may think that “The Black Cat” is a horror work. In fact, however, “The Black Cat” is not a horror work but an optimistic work, which the ideal readers may think. This essay explains that “The Black Cat” is a work reaching optimistic conclusions about human existence through horror. This essay talks about…

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