The Glass Menagerie Essay

  • Analysis: The Glass Menagerie

    Ashley Wilson Brown English 152 OM3 4 December 2016 The Glass Menagerie Stevenson University’s production of Tennessee Williams’s The Glass Menagerie was a fascinating experience. The play’s setting took place in St. Louis in 1937 where a family of three lived in a small dingy apartment. The narrator and character, Tom Wingfield, desires to leave his mother, Amanda Wingfield, and his sister, Laura Wingfield but has a duty to support his family. Tom and Laura’s father happily abandons them years ago and has left Tom in a predicament in which he is now obligated to fulfill the duties that his father has abandoned. On the other hand, Laura is physically disabled and emotionally crippled in one leg. Instead of attending school and socializing with friends, Laure puts all her focus on her “glass menagerie” collection of little glass animals. Throughout the play, the characters are constantly facing extraordinary difficulties. The Glass Menagerie play presents acting, sound design, lighting design, the set, and blocking in a unique way. Although the storyline of the play may be familiar to the audience, the technical elements that were implemented are what made the play extremely engaging. The Glass Menagerie was first produced by Eddie Dowling and Louis J. Singer at the Civic Theatre in Chicago, Illinois. Although I wasn’t able to attend the play in 1944, I was able to see a recent production of the play held at Stevenson University, Owings Mills, Maryland. Overall…

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  • The Glass Menagerie Identity Analysis

    The Search for Identity An absence of both individualism and faith coated the American psyche during Great Depression. Living in conservative Missouri, Tennessee Williams was not only disgusted by the lack of creativity present in the urban atmosphere, but also the lack of freedom due to his homosexuality ("About Tennessee Williams"). In an effort to liberate himself both spiritually and financially, Williams began writing plays, many of which have a crafted resemblance to his own childhood…

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  • The Glass Menagerie Symbolism Essay

    “The Glass Menagerie” by Tennessee Williams is an example of a classic tragedy. However, the characters in the drama do not encounter death. The characters encounter family instability, abandonment, and resentment. The title of this drama accurately represents these characters. Amanda, the mother of family, refers to her daughter Laura’s collection of glass figurines as a glass menagerie. This means her collection acts as a glass zoo filled with animal figurines. Yet, “The Glass Menagerie” could…

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  • Glass Menagerie Symbolism

    The Glass Menagerie is a great play written by Tennessee Williams, about a mother and her two children. These kids, Tom and Laura, are faced with many problems throughout the play, and their mother, Amanda, only wants to see her kids succeed and do well for themselves. During The Glass Menagerie, Jim and Laura share multiple special moments together, for example, when they are dancing, and when Jim is talking to Laura about how she is pretty and how someone should kiss her. During these scenes,…

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  • The American Dream In The Glass Menagerie

    The American Dream: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness An astute look into The American Dream through Tennessee Williams’ characters in The Glass Menagerie If, when hearing about the American Dream, you feel as though you are not fulfilling what is meant to be an easily accessible dream you are not alone. Many people go through life without achieving the American Dream, so many that Tennessee Williams’s The Glass Menagerie addresses many of the American Dream’s failings. It is made…

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  • Plot Structure Of The Glass Menagerie

    Drama: The Glass Menagerie The plot structure of The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams has four parts, they are exposition, complication, climax and denouement. Williams’s real name is Tom and that is the name for the main character the reader can tell Williams put a lot of realism in this drama. The reader found that this story resembled a rollercoaster of emotions which made it very difficult to pick out scenes, because there are just so many highs and lows that tie them all together in…

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  • The Glass Menagerie Illusion Analysis

    only do adults have illusion but also children have illusion. The definition for illusion is something that tricks us into believing a dishonest idea. In the play “The Glass Menagerie” by Tennessee Williams he used three different characters who live in a life of illusion. Tom, Amanda, and Laura each have different kinds of illusion but use it for the same reason to escape the world they are living. William Tennesse used Amanda to have the most illusion to escape her reality. Tom plays as a…

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  • Theme Of Breaking Of The Glass Menagerie

    heated argument that ends in the shattering of a part of Laura's glass menagerie. During their fight, Tom expresses his unhappiness with his life and his desire to start a new one for himself. Nonetheless, Tom can not leave due to his emotional ties to Laura. He does not know how to go and find his happiness without hurting her. As the fight comes to a conclusion, Tom storms out of the room, accidentally smashing Laura's glass collection in the process. Instantly, “Laura cries out as if wounded”…

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  • Conversational Style In The Glass Menagerie

    The book The Glass Menagerie is based on a story that is told by the narrator’s memory. This in effect has impacted the overall style of the story and the impressions that the audience observes throughout the book/play. Also the fact that it is based off of memory makes the story seem to have a poetic influence that exaggerates the drama and increases the level of emotional expression. This is why the dialogue may be more informal and in effect creates an informal/conversational style throughout…

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  • The Glass Menagerie Marriage Analysis

    The Glass Menagerie: The Issue of Marriage in a Dysfunctional Family The Glass Menagerie is a dramatic play which was written by Tennessee Williams. Tennessee, the writer of this play employed some characters to perform certain assigned roles to depict a picture of a dysfunctional family. The characters are Amanda Wingfield, the mother of Tom and Laura, and Jim O’Connor, a friend of Jim. This play springs out some issues of life which affect the lives of the characters in the play. One of the…

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