Child Abuse Essay

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  • Intra Family Crime Research Paper

    parent, child, teen, spouse, elder, or other family member. Types of violence can include child abuse, spouse abuse, and elder abuse. This type of violence doesn’t always stop at affecting the victim but can affect the entire family as a whole. Child abuse is physical, sexual, emotional assault, and child neglect (The Issue of Child Abuse, n.d.). The current rates of child abuse in this country are horrendous. Currently over 700,000 children a year are found to have been victims of child abuse…

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  • Consequences Of Child Maltreatment

    Have you ever wondered what the main contributors are to child maltreatment? When a woman becomes pregnant she begins to feel an array of feelings, such as joy, excitement, anxiety, and fear. When the child is born these feelings can change or intensify. Many mothers begin to experience mood swings, anxiety, sadness, irritability, feeling overwhelmed, and reduced concentration. These feelings may result in maternal depression, which if left untreated may last for many months or longer (Mayo…

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  • The Importance Of Mandatory Reporting

    Whilst the Queensland legislation in regards to child abuse has progressed over the past ten decades, debates of the adequacy of the current Queensland legislation has been particularly contentious since a current investigation has concluded that child abuse is on the rise across Australia (Australian Institute of Family Studies, January 2015). Furthermore, The Royal Commission into Institution Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has recently commenced a public hearing in Rockhampton regarding…

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  • Psychological Maltreatment

    psychological maltreatment, which causes the lack of information on how to recognize if a child or family is experiencing this. That is why teachers, childcare professionals, by-standers, and law enforcement should all share the importance of psychological maltreatment and watch for the symptoms if it occurs. If symptoms do show, then professionals should be able to help that child but most importantly it should be reported to child-protective services. But for anything to happen according to…

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  • Essay On Childhood Sexual Abuse

    feeling carefree and having fun. For others, it can be a time of torture and sadness. Childhood sexual abuse victims experience emotional and physical damage that can last throughout their lives. Childhood sexual abuse has an impact on an enormous number of people worldwide, regardless of gender, and the trauma and agony can continue on into adulthood. Childhood sexual abuse might be defined as a child forced to take part in any sexual act with an adult. Another definition could be one person…

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  • Intimate Partner Violence: A Literature Review

    Several Gender Scholars have written on the causes of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV). Among these are: Buiten and Naidoo, 2016, Muta ,2016,Walsh and Menjivar,2016 Heise, 1994, as cited in UNICEF,2000,Narayans et al, 2000:123, Shaka and Uchendu,2012:1,Eze-Anaba, 2005:65, Okeke, n-d, Jewkes, 2002, Bouvillian,2001:164, Amnesty International,2005, Okeke, n-d, UNDPC, n-d, Iruonagbe, 2009:7 cited in Folarin and Udoh, n-d, Garba,2003,WHO,2010, Loseke, Geiles and Cavanaugh,2005, Markowitz, 2002,…

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  • Physical Signs Of Abuse

    P3/4 Physical abuse is the physical force that may result in bodily injury, physical pain, or impairment. Physical abuse may include but is not limited to such acts of violence as striking. It maybe grabbing, shaking, slapping and, or but not limited to kicking. There are many signs that someone is being physically abused some obvious and others are hard to find. The most obvious are physical signs such as bruises these appear on the skin and are common on the face and in many areas of the body…

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  • Analysis Of What's Love Got To Do With It

    for centuries means considerably more than just strength, when in contracts to the femininity of a woman. Men have deconstructed women by their vulnerability of emotions and thus using their masculinity to inflict abuse against women. How this old perplexing distinction of manipulative abuse is utilized by men, will have an important role to play when using an eye- to- eye perspective leads in abusive relationships and self-discovery. In the biographical film directed by Brian Gibson "What…

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  • Spotlight Sociological Theory

    Spotlight – Sociologial Theories 1 “When the Boston Globe’s tenacious “Spotlight” team of reporters delves into allegations of abuse in the Catholic Church, their year-long investigation uncovers a decades-long cover up at the highest levels of Boston’s religious, legal, and government establishment, touching off a wave of revelations around the world” (Road, n.d.). Spotlight is a movie based on real-life events that occurred in 2001and it shows the viewers the obstacles that these…

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  • Dave Pelzer A Child Called It Analysis

    The book “A Child Called “It” was based on the author, Dave Pelzer’s abusive childhood. Dave Pelzer uses description, reflection and imagery to demonstrate to the audience what he went through and the courage he was able to possess as a child. The book shares his experience. His experience involved an insane alcoholic mother who treated her child as if he was non-human. She deliberately and intentionally tortures her child. She does not even consider Dave to be her child. Dave’s mother has the…

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