Anne Bradstreet Essay

  • Femininity In Anne Bradstreet

    Anne Bradstreet and Femininity According to the Oxford English Dictionary, femininity can be defined as “Behaviour or qualities regarded as characteristic of a woman; feminine quality or characteristics; womanliness.” (OED) In today’s society, the concept of femininity takes on many different roles and forms. You can find women in more traditional roles such as mothers and teachers to non- traditional roles such as lawyers, doctors and construction workers. The concept of femininity can be related to a person today regardless of a person’s physical sex. However, during the Puritan’s colonization in America, a woman’s characteristics were not as fluid as they are today. Anne Bradstreet broke many of glass ceilings for women. She was the first…

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  • Analysis Of The Prolugue By Anne Bradstreet

    Anne Bradstreet was an English Puritan woman who immigrated to America in the mid-1600s. Her father was the manager of the estate of the Earl of Lincoln. This meant that Bradstreet would be raised in an upper class manner. She obtained several advantages due to this. The main advantage she had was the chance to receive a quality education. Her formal education was centered on history, various languages, and literature. She married Simon Bradstreet, a fellow Puritan, at the age of sixteen. Her…

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  • Anne Bradstreet Feminist Analysis

    Anne Bradstreet: The First American Feminist There are not several female writers in American Literature and until a certain point it was traditionally a man’s game. It is intriguing that in a Puritan society was when one of the first women writers came about. Anne Bradstreet may not have been published until after her death but it does not deny what she has done. With that being said it is perhaps inaccurate to describe Bradstreet’s work as “feminist,” for she never directly advocates upsetting…

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  • Brastreet Poem By Anne Bradstreet

    ignorant indeed of these my woes,” (Bradstreet) asking if the child is just ignorant to the suffering that she is going through and warns the child that if she is too die, than the child will also die. “If I decease, dost think thou shalt survive?” (Bradstreet) The daughter goes on to try and speculate what is wrong with her mother lists possible…

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  • The Flesh And The Spirt By Anne Bradstreet

    Anne Bradstreet authored many poems and changed the world of literature. She was a woman who, against popular opinion, wanted her voice heard and did this through her poetry. Bradstreet’s poetry reveals her emotions and allows others to experience these emotions as well. She describes her experiences with life’s ups and downs and personal struggle. Bradstreet, as a Puritan, was devoted to God and believed His will controlled all things. In her poems “The Flesh and the Spirit” and “Upon the…

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  • Common Sense Anne Bradstreet Analysis

    the late 1700’s. In this work, Paine advocates independence from Great Britain to the Thirteen Colonies. It was published anonymously during the beginning of the American Revolution, and instantly became a sensation among the colonists. Similarly, Anne Bradstreet’s poem, Here Follow Some Verses Upon the Burning of Our House, July 10, 1666, portrays major Puritan beliefs of the 1600’s. Anne Bradstreet’s poem exemplifies the Puritanical beliefs of simplicity, providential view of history, and the…

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  • Summary Of Anne Bradstreet And Mary Rowlandson

    Connecting the “Power of Faith” Anne Bradstreet and Mary Rowlandson This paper presents the relationship with faith between to two female Puritan American writers in the late eighteenth century. Anne Bradstreet and Mary Rowlandson. Both Puritan women with great hardships within their lives. It is clear that Mary Rowlandson and Anne Bradstreet shared many different roles, sharing a universal willpower providing literature and poetry to readers in the 20th Century. From this we see that both…

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  • Anne Bradstreet: The Most Proment Poet

    Anne Bradstreet was the first woman to be recognized as an accomplished new world poet. Anne 's work was very well known as it continues to be throughout America today. Her most well known piece of poetry was "The tenth muse " which was published in London in 1650. Anne addressed the situations that were happening in her life and put them into poetry, all though she was not able to publish them all due to the fact that she was a woman, she had an exceptional amount of work and effort that went…

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  • To My Dear Children Anne Bradstreet Analysis

    Asserting the Woman’s Experience in Anne Bradstreet’s “To My Dear Children”, “To My Dear Loving Husband”, and “A Letter to her Husband, Absent upon Public Employment” For centuries, artists find a woman to be a most worthy muse. Poets proclaim her beauty, her poise and charm. Her physical presence is evident but her intellectual contributions are absent. Women with pens of their own come and go, wedging a space for themselves in a male dominated field. When the quest to start a new nation comes…

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  • Contemplations Of Anne Bradstreet And The Salem Witch Trials

    For Anne Bradstreet’s poems she writes on how God is present in nature and that through presenting her writings through the form of meditation that the trees, land, and the many small these we see and hear are proof that god is there. In Anne Bradstreet’s poem contemplations she shows the method of meditation in her writings, like for the first part which is the composition of place. In her poem the first thing she says sets a place and gives in an image of where she is talking about. She says…

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