Summary Of Anne Bradstreet And Mary Rowlandson

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Connecting the “Power of Faith”
Anne Bradstreet and Mary Rowlandson

This paper presents the relationship with faith between to two female Puritan American writers in the late eighteenth century. Anne Bradstreet and Mary Rowlandson. Both Puritan women with great hardships within their lives. It is clear that Mary Rowlandson and Anne Bradstreet shared many different roles, sharing a universal willpower providing literature and poetry to readers in the 20th Century. From this we see that both women displayed concern showing measures that displayed their values, moral and principles in their Literature.
While reading Anne Bradstreet and Mary Rowlandson Literature. The Norton Anthology American Literature [110] [126]. Both women Puritan women
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January 2014. Bradstreet was never really strong with herself and at times with her beliefs. Being a Puritan Woman, raised as a Puritan child she moved very often from home to home to escape, Indian attacks occurred often, families of Puritans were singled out and kidnapped for ransom. Anne Bradstreet house was burned down in 1666, in one of her poems “Upon the burning of Our House” she marks about her feelings and emotions “And to my God my heart did cry to strengthen me in my distress”. Upon the burning of Our House (The Norton Anthology American Literature) [122]. According to Ellis, R. “Anne in the reference in one of her poems, Bradstreet must have been born in 1612. Her father not highly educated, was an important man who valued education, and took care to see that Anne received an education superior to that of younger women of her time. Bradstreet was well tutored in literature as well as English. Her mother, Dorothy, was literate who probably taught Anne religion and Faith”. (Salem Press Biographical Encyclopedia. [Serial …show more content…
These attacks became known as “King James War”. A Narrative of the captivity and Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson (The Norton Anthology American Literature) [127] Mary Rowlandson wanting to share her captivity as well as her doings with the Lord with family and friends, as well as her children. She writes each with 12 Removes each Removes explains in chorological details the captivity and hardships she faced while being held captive. Which she use to divide her captivity story into a diary or a log in chronicle sequence detailing her captivity. In many of Mary Rowlandson, she writes many scripts that she express with religious favor, from the Puritan generations and from the Great Awakening. Other religious and Spiritual writings include”_________________. In the 1st removes, Rowlandson writes “Now away we must go with those barbarous creatures, with our bodies wounded and bleeding, and our hearts no less than our bodies.”(_______________ Page???). During, Captivity she lost a 6 year old daughter after the attack, she dies of wounds and malnourishment. During her captivity she seemed to have had much contact with her son. Trying to keep faith, Rowlandson writes “ When I got over this block, than have I another put in my way, that admit this be the true God whom we worship, and that be his word.” Mary

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