1936 Summer Olympics

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  • Increasing Pollution In China

    past. So even though our technology is more efficient and environmentally friendly we are still cranking out the high levels of pollution. A prime example of this is the 2008 Beijing Olympics. In 2008 the city of Beijing had to make laws to cut down on their pollution production because they were about to hold the Olympics and a person could see the smoke in the air. The pollution levels were worse there than other places not because they have different technology, but because of their…

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  • What Is My Favorite Things To Do Essay

    As of today their is a variety of things I do. For example one of my favorite hobbies is I swim and even thought is cold I still go swimming. For me swimming is not just a thing for fun is a thing I have to do and that I love. You can say I am addicted to it, the reason I feel like that about swimming is because it calms me down. This is why when I buy my house it will have a pool. Not just any pool a one of a kind pool. Usually when I finish swimming we play poker. Who’s we you might wonder,’’…

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  • Brazil Diversity Case Study

    Introduction Brazil is the largest country on the South American continent, which covers 8,515,770 sq km territory in total and is the 5th largest country in the world. Its population is 205,823,665 people, according to the data collected in July 2016, and mostly consists of white (47.7%) and mulatto (43.1%) people. The percentage of black people is 7.6% of the whole population. The official language, that is also the most widely spoken, is Portuguese; however, other tongues, such as Spanish,…

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  • Lifestyle Factors That Have An Effect On Health Essay

    Unit 14: Exercise, Health & Fitness P1 – “Describe Lifestyle factors that have an effect on health” M1 – “Explain lifestyle factors that have an effect on health” An unhealthy lifestyle is quite a broad issue but all comes back to the same thing, causing your boy issues, for example an unhealthy lifestyle can be because you drink too much, maybe smoke too much or even eat too much. Which shows too much of anything can be bad for you. The 3 factors listed are all different factors however still…

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  • Sacrifice In Ancient Greece

    The Olympic games are of rich history and deep meaning. The first Olympic games were in 776 BC, on the great plains of Olympia, Greece. The Ancient games were nothing like they are today however, the history of what happened between now and then is what makes our modern games so great. It is the summer of 776 BC in Greece, the male athletes line up to run “The Stadion” on the plains of Olympia behind the Palace of Zeus. In the ancient games there was only one event, and only men were…

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  • Contact Hypothesis: Reducing Prejudice

    The 2016 United States Presidential Election has brought questions of prejudice, and how to prevent it, to the forefront of the American political and cultural discussion. One method of reducing prejudice being continually brought up in think pieces is the contact hypothesis. For many authors of these articles, the hypothesis is something of a ray of hope in what they perceive as dark times. Per James Hamblin (2016) of The Atlantic, application of the hypothesis can be a tool to “immunize” a…

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  • Personal Narrative-Greeley Cross Country Race

    One year ago today, the first ever Greeley Cross Country Championships was hosted, a 5k race at Josephine Jones Park between the five high schools in Greeley, Colorado- Frontier Academy, Greeley West, University Schools, Northridge, and Greeley Central. Last year Frontier placed first at the meet in the boys race. However, since then their top runners graduated and the Central boys became a real threat to many teams. Although today was mainly a way for Central to come out on top, I wanted…

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  • Cosmetic Surgery In Korea Essay

    face. It was first performed in India, developed in America, and most booming in South Korea(cite). The Korean cosmetic surgery boom is proportional to the growth of the GDP per capita. When the South Korean economy was boosted by the 1988 Seoul Olympics,…

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  • Compliance Roadshow Assignment

    Hello Everyone, I wanted to send an update about the upcoming 2016 “I Comply” Compliance Roadshow. Plans are well underway and the details are coming together nicely! In total, 10 Cigna-HealthSpring offices will be a part of the tour touching over 3,500 employees face-to-face as well as countless others via a recorded video at the end of the roadshow via email. In order to best prepare to your office’s visit, I would like to request a few action items of you. These ‘to- do’s’ are essential to…

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  • Snapchat: A Case Study

    In the digital age, Snapchat is an example of a new medium that has had a significant impact on society and technology. The immediacy of Snapchat created a new social platform for users to communicate, send pictures and even make video calls. Snapchat was created in 2011, with a ghost as their logo. In terms of photo sharing, this ghost symbol is based off the concept, “there, then gone”, but the app quickly became much more than just that (Drake, 1). The public’s desire for an application that…

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