Summer Olympic Games

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What have others said around the topic
Since the research question is ‘What kind of political situation in host countries of modern Summer Olympic Games is reflected by the images of opening ceremonies’, the topic of the research concerns the country’s political condition which can be reflected by holding national and international events such as Olympic Games. There have been various opinions on this topic. According to Bayliss et al (2004), the political environment of the time can be reflected by Olympic Games. Despite the commercial revenue gained from the event, governments have been using Olympic Games as propaganda tools for their regime and national image (Bayliss et al, 2004). Apart from the 1936 Berlin Olympics, the 29th Beijing Olympics
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In the research, the question will be answered via the method of historical archives study. The first step is to choose proper archives to collect useful data, next is to categorize them by their internal relations of logic and relevance to the research question. Since the documents from archive are viewed as direct evidence of the past, they will be used as supporting evidence of the question. There will not be too much unnecessary interpretation in the research, the answer will be given with the demonstration of evidence.
However, there still exists the consideration of failure of applying archive study. The advantage of this method is the insurance of objectivity, once the materials from archives cannot be used critically, there will appear the risk of unscientific deduction as answer. Also, the choice of archive is important, because there will be gaps and blanks, which may block the researchers to get the whole landscape of the past (Ogborn,
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What will be the best method to gather data
The best method of data gathering is the observation through online archive database.
Why is this the best approach to take
To do the research which needs data from decades ago as evidence, online archive database observation has become one of the most convenient and efficient approach to gather data from written documents to visual data like photos and films. The digitization of those qualitative data make the searching, categorizing, and analysing of data in short time possible. Besides, the observation in online archive databases can be combined with searching through normal archive databases, such as libraries and archives, which allows the data to be more diverse.
What forms of analysis will be developed
The forms of analysis will be data coding, thematic analysis and theoretical framework.
How will this support the claim in the research
Coding and thematic analysis are helpful to deal with the large amount of the dada which is needed to answer the research question. Coding can help to refine the essence of each single document, while thematic analysis focuses on exploring the relations among documents as evidence to support the claim of the

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