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-the decision making process that focus on the future of the organization and how it gets where it wants
Steps in the Planning Process
1. setting goals
2. identifying opportunities
3. Identifying constraints (SWOT)
4. generating alternative courses of action (bench marking)
5. establishing performance criteria
6. evaluating and selecting alternatives
7. presenting a plan document
8. approval and implementation
Strategic Planning
-the plan that leads the direction of the total organization and its units will take over the long run
-takes place at the top level of management
-cover long time frame
-links organization and environment
Mission and Mission Statement
-set a business apart
-reveals organizations product or service, markets, customers, and philosophy
-produces foundation for priorities, strategies, work assignment, ect.
Tactical/Operational Planning
-day to day operations
-planning and budgeting
-means to an end
-reflection of a plan in monetary terms
Stated Goals
-official announcements of what an organization says and what is wants
Real Goals
-different organizations may have different real goals but looks to attain similar stated goals