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Open System
-set of interrelated parts organized in such a way to make a recognizable whole
Lawrence and Lorsch Model
-a manufacturing organization is divided into three major subsystems
1. sales
2. production
3. R and D
-occurs when an organization is grouped into units who are grouped with people of appropriate skills
Thompson Model
-agrees with Lawrence and Lorsch in that organizations should be subdivided into units
Boundary Spanning Units
-units that direct contact with the external environment
Technical Core
-unit that is most directly concerned with the production of goods and services
Parsonian Model
-organization consists of distinct hierarchical sub organizations
1. the technical
2. the managerial
3. the institutional
Flexiform Model
-operational units and administrative core are coupled together
Soft Bureaucracy
-rules applied as guidelines
Network Organizations
-certain number of units internal or external to an organization are linked in a network fashion such that the interactions between them are fast and effective