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Objectives within an Organisation. Briefing Sheet
All organisations have objectives. Many large businesses create a “mission statement” which displays ideals and desired outcomes to potential stakeholders. There may be more than one objective for each organisation; these can range from maximising profits to becoming more environmentally friendly.
The businesses I have researched are the following;
J D Wetherspoon’s – A pub chain in Great Britain and Ireland with over 900 outlets nationwide. Opening his first pub in 1979, Tim Martin (founder) watched as his pubs grew from unconventional premises such as theatres, banks, swimming pools, libraries and other listed buildings. With the growth of the business, the company
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*Cleanliness, Quality, Service, Maintenance, Atmosphere” [3]
4Com – A telecommunications provider, 4Com was regarded as one of the fastest growing SMEs in 2003 [4]. Founded in 1999 by MD Daron Hutt, the company now employs over 250 people and are partnered with Samsung as a resale business.
Although the organisation is fast growing, their objectives remain pretty standard. Their ethos expresses their aims to maintain customer service and increase revenue by offering “the very best in technology” [5].
“Mission: At 4Com, our business ethos is based on offering our customers the very best in technology, coupled with a cost effective way to fund the package and delivered via outstanding personal service. This allows us to have extremely strong partnerships with our clients where we hope to do plenty of reciprocal business to help yours and our businesses to grow.”
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I have chosen to compare the objectives of J D Wetherspoon’s and Lockwood’s Veterinary Group.
Increase Company Revenue
Both organisations aim to increase revenue by attracting stakeholder’s interests in the company. In Wetherspoon’s there are several menu changes in the year and different promotions each week day including “Mexican Monday, Steak club (Tuesday), Wing it Wednesday (Chicken club), Curry Club (Thursday) and Fish Friday” [9]. Lockwood’s boasts the quality of their equipment for stakeholders and have an “Offers” page on their website to attract potential stakeholders. [10]
There is a large revenue difference between the two companies. As J D Wetherspoon’s has a higher revenue, it may be easier to attract stakeholders by opening more outlets for them to visit. Lockwood’s limited revenue means that opening another local branch may be costly; offering more promotions or advertising their business further could increase revenue at a more cost effective rate.
Maintain and Improve Customer

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