The Concepts Of Strategic Planning In Supply Chain Management

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Introduction The management function of planning constitutes the basic fundamental function of management. Organizations formulate one or more detailed plans to achieve optimum balance of needs or demands with the resources available in this primary phase which is planning. Planning provides guidance for the organization by bridging the gap between where an organization is and where it would like to go (Newbrander, Peercy, and Vergeer, 2012). The management function of planning can be studied in four major subjects which are strategic planning, operational and tactical planning, contingency planning and scenario planning. This paper reviews various articles on each one of the themes and their application in different industries and management levels in the organization. It also determines the commonalities and nuances within each theme.
Strategic Planning Strategic planning is the process by which management foresees the future of an organization through goals and
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(2012) present new mathematical model, which considers different time resolution, using hypothetical numerical examples for strategic planning. Here the model is designed for a production-distribution network with multiple commodities, and the network echelons are suppliers, productions units, warehouses and customers. The proposed model determines the network expansion mode and the production and distribution planning, but the strategic decisions of the proposed model are the network design and expansion which are made in low resolution. Strategic planning in supply chain management, where a mathematical model is developed for the design and expansion planning of a four echelon dynamic production-distribution network; and also expansion of supply chain restricted to cumulative net incomes. Decisions are made about supplier selection, facility, and quantity of raw material to be supplied so on and so forth. The hypothetical numerical example illustrates the proposed

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