Risk Management Benefits

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Benefits of Risk Management
Risk management is a vital part of homeland security. It is used to determine the true credibility of a threat against the United States. It helps assist administration in determining what damage could be done to people or assets and also help create a plan which would be used to mitigate damage should a threat be carried out (Raymond, 2002). Risk management is all about prioritizing threats according to how credible they are also what kind of damage they may do. Risk management is a complicated process requiring a vast amount of understanding before being able to critique threats successfully.
This formula is used to calculate the overall risk of any given threat. This formula is R = f(C, V, T). The R represents
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Strategic planning is the process which creates the risk management system. They go hand in hand. This planning must be accomplished in order to create the plans in place to protect the nation. Sound analysis must occur in order for a strategic plan to come together correctly and accurately. Strategic planning articulates missions and goals, what they will do to achieve that goal and also puts steps in place to evaluate progress and performance (Strategic planning, 2015). Overall, the goals of strategic planning include preventing terrorism and enhancing security, securing and managing our borders, enforcing immigration laws, securing and watching over cyberspace and also making our nation prepared for any attacks along with putting plans into place to recover from an attack should it …show more content…
People are willing to give up freedom for supposed “peace” so governmental agencies have to make sure not to take advantage of this fact and overdo it. One issue which has to be balanced is making sure people feel safe yet not overspending the budget to assure that safe feeling. This is a double edged sword though because the media and politicians play on these fears of terrorist attacks, which in turn makes the people demand more to ensure safety. The way to counteract this problem is for current programs and plans to show strength and confidence, not the vulnerabilities (Friedman, 2011). After all, people seem to be the most concerned with the appearance of freedom vs. actually being free and would trade freedom for

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