Cyber Attack Case Study

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1a. Strategic planning to prevent and/or fight off cyber attacks

Preventing Cyber Attack-Identifying Top Risks

Strategic planning begins with the prevention or minimizing the attack to a business. Businesses are a value and because a business has value, there will always be a threat for business information, and this is what makes a business vulnerable.
Businesses need to be aware of what risks are available and how that information can be protected. Once the critical business information is identified, a planned response needs to be identified as to how to protect that information. The protection plan may begin with the Information Technology (IT) Department with software but essentially it is individual responsibility of how the information is kept safe. Information is always vulnerable and people are looking to find ways to gain access.
By having checks in place, if a hack does occur, the violation can be detected sooner and planning continues to prevent future attacks from happening again by devising a deflect plan, and how to go about defending in the future.
Firewalls are put in place to keep individuals from hacking into the database at the place of my employment. There are times when hacking still occurs. What is learned from the hacking, how the situation is handled, and new
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I was involved in the Target cyber-attack. I was aware of the Target compromise but a few weeks had passed and everything appeared to be normal. It was three weeks after the compromise and, while I was not contacted by Target, I was notified by my bank that suspicious activity had taken place on my bank account. My bank reissued a new debit card with a new identification number and took care of the activity on my account. While I do not know what the activity was or the amount, I know my bank was paying attention to my accounts and continues that service today. That in itself gives me peace of

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