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Define technique
the movements the athlete completes to accomplish the task
Articulate how technique confers safety, efficacy, and efficiency
technique ensures results that are measurable, observable & repeatable

safety- whats the risk involved
Efficacy- what am i to get out of it
Efficiency- how long is it going to take
Articulate how technique can be assessed to determine effectiveness
A technique is considered better if it improves work capacity across broad time and modal domains
Explain the relationship of practice to technique
practice improves the neuro skills which improves technique
Explain the relationship of coordination, accuracy, agility, and balance to practice & technique
these are all the neuro skills that technique will improve with practice
Explain the relationship of technique to optimizing results
Perfect technique and mechanics cannot be sustained at maximum output. Maximum output cannot be achieved without good technique and mechanics
Explain the relative demand on the neurological system as load increase
load increase greater load on neuro system
Differentiate traditional definitions of strength from CrossFit’s definition of strength
traditional is around the muscular contractile force but in CF what matters is the ability to apply muscular force to do real physical work which cannot be independent
Explain how technique is necessary to be strong/powerful
proper technique is the mechanism by which potential human energy & strength are translated into real work capacity
Define productive application of force
Define threshold training and threshold speed
to increase intensity to a point where mechanics fail, to then reduce intensity to improve on the mechanics
Explain how to use threshold training as a tool for practicing and improving technique while maximizing speed
Perfect technique and mechanics cannot be sustained at maximum output. Maximum output cannot be achieved without good technique and mechanics. This conundrum is resolved by ramping up the intensity until the mechanics start to degrade, at which point the athlete should refocus on the mechanics while sustaining as much intensity as possible. Done properly, this practice leads to improved mechanics at higher and higher levels of intensity.