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Define Varience
Prepare an athlete for the unforseen, unknown and unknowbale aspect of life, sport and combat
Define General physical prepardness (GPP) and identify the relationship of vaience to GPP
The aim is to establish a broad foundational fitness level that can then be converted and applied throughout a wide range of tasks hoping to consistently make gain the the 10 physical skill of fitness which prepares you for any physical challenge
Eplain" falling at the margins of you experience"
Strenghten you weakness and practice skills and drills you do not like in order to improve( because we are as weak as our weakest link) We vary our workouts because it better prepares us for the unknown tasks that life can throw at us
Define Intensity

higher intensity causes results to happen faster and better
3 Metabolic Pathways
Phosphagen (Anaerobic) Glycolytic (Anaerobic)
Work 10-30 Seconds Work 30-120
Rest 30-90 seconds Rest 60-240
Recover 1:3 recover 1:2
reps 3-5 reps10-20

Work 120-300
Rest 120300
Recover 1:1
reps 25-30
Define and differentiate aerobic and anaerobice training
Aerobic- low powered for extended time and decreases muschle mass power and strength
Anaerobic- supioror to aerobic, imploves strength, muscle mass, power, speed, also imploves cardio
Iinterval training- anaerobic efforts to develop aerobic conditions mixes work and rest.
Phosphagen- highest powered. Glycolytic- moderate powered, oxidative- low powered
Describe the Sickness-Wellness-Fitness Continuum
Everything can be measured about health will conform to this.
1. high blood pressure -sickness(pathological)
2. normal blood pressue- Wellness(normal or healthy)
3. above normal- fitness( athlete)
Identify funtional movements
Squatting, running, jumping, throwing, pulling and picking up things off the floor
Articulate the description of functional movements
Squat- stanidng form a seated postion

Deadlift- picking up something off the floor
Define and calculate work
ability to perform real physical work

ForceXDistance/time = power
Define and calculate power
time rate of doing owrk


Power- Hard and fast
Describe how power is related to intensity
Power is the definition of intensity which in turn has been linked to nealry every positive aspect of fitness
Articulate the relationship between intensity and results related to fitness
insrease in strength, performace, muscle mass and bone density all rise in proportion to intensity
Difference between Absolute intensity and Relative intensity

Relative- based off a persons physical and psychological toloerence
What is Fitness
capacity measured accross a broad time and modal domains
define the 4 supporting models of this definition
1. 10 General Physical Skills
2. The hopper
3.Metabolic Pathways
4.Sickness-WEllness-Fitness Continuum
10 General Physical Skills
Cardio, Endurance, Strength, Stamina, Power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, Accuracy
The Hopper
an infinate number of physical challanges where no selective mechanism is operative and being asked to perform tasks randomly drawn
Articulate wheat each nosel illistates in relation to crossfits definition of fitness
the motivaiton for the 3 standards is simply to ensure the broadest and most general fitness possible. Our fist modle evaluates our efforts agianst a full range of general physical adaptations, in the second the focus is on the breadth and depth of performance, with the 3rd the measure of time,power and consequently energy systems. It should be fairly cleat that the fitnes that Crossfit advocates and develops is deliberalty broad, general and insclusive.
Identify the 10 General Physical Skills
1. CArdio/ Respitory endurance- the ability of systems to gather, process and deliver oxygen
2. Stamina- The ability of the body system to process deliver, store and utilize energy.
3.Strength- the ability of the muscular units to apply force
4. Flexibility- ability to maximize the ROM at any given time
5. Speed- the ability to minimize the time cycle of a repeated movement
6.Agility- ability to minimize transition time form oe movement to the next
7. Balance- the ability to control the placement of the bodys center of gravity in relation to its support base.
8. Accuracy- the ability to control movements in a given direction or at a given time
9. Coordination- ability to cobine several distinct movements patterns into a singular movement
10. Power- ability of a muscular unit or combined to apply maximum force in minimum time.
Explain the relationshp of practice to technique
power and speed
explain the relationship of coordination, accuracy, agility, and balace to practice and Technique
neurological proctice
identify and give examples of 3 macronutrients
protien- eggs, meat
Carbohydrate- veggies, sweet potato, fruit
fats- nuts, oil, olives, avacados
Articulate the simplistic relationship between the 3 macronutrients and 2 hormones
protien- once eaten pancreas secretes glucagon which mobilizes energy out of cells in muscles
Carbs- pancreas secretes insulin, it stores energy back in cells controls the amount of sugar in blood
fat- neutral can slowdown absorption of food
define the role of insulin and glucagon in blood sugar regulation
normal body maintains 5grams=1 tsp of sugar in the body
Articulate the effects a highly refined and processed corb diencan have on health
P person eating refined and processed carbs can end up with hyperinsulinemia and or insulin resistance
define work capacity
the ability to perform real physical work as measured by force X distance/time
explain Crossfits definition of health
can now be concisely prexisely denine as increase work cacpapcity across broad time, moal and age domain
Explian the relationship between fitness and health as defined by crossfit
your ability to move large loads, long distance, quickly, in the broadest variety of domains in ditness. and the ability to sistain that fitness thoughout your life is a defining measure of health
Explain the concept of measurable, observable, and repeatable and how they lend themselves to Crossfit being and evidence based fitness program
Science is about measurement and prediction. Without measurable, observable and repeatable data concerning the fundamental physical units of kinematics(mass, distance and time ot MKS) there is no science of human performance
define Technique
Productive application of force.
Articulate how technique confers safety, efficacy and efficiency
safety- wahts the risk involed
Efficacy- what am i to get out of it
Efficiency- how long is it going to take
Articulate how technique can be assesed to determine effectivess
the better your technique the faster and more weight you are able to move in a shorter amount of time
define insulin resistance and hyperinsulinemia
cronic and acute elevatin of insulin as a result of habiltual consumption of excess carbs
Articulate the dangers of chrinically elevated insulin
obesity, high blood pressure, Coronary heart disease
diseases that make up the "deadly Quartet"
obesity, glucose intolerance, high blood pressure, high triglycerides and CAD
Identify the diet recomended for avaiding sickness
30% protein, 40% carb, 30% fat
Vegtables, fruit, nuts, seeds lean meat little starch and no sugar
Identify the crossfit recommnedation for optimizing performance
weighing and measuring accuracy and precision of your macronutrients consumption. if you want elite performance
understand the factors that determine an individuals zone block prescription
zone works begins with understanding blocks. a block is a simplified unit for measuring the 3 macronutrients in your food ( protein, carb and fat)
Articulate teh quantity of each macronutrient in a zone block
one block is complised of 7grams for protein, 9 grams of carbs and 1.5 grams of fat
articulate the benefits of eating high qaulity foods and a paleo diet
eat meats and veggies, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar
articulate the primary benefit of fish oil supplement
reduces inflammation blood chemistry and overall health in wt loss, omega 3=anti inflammetory 2 types EPA & DHA
most effective doage of fish oil
3-5 grams daily
define and articulate the importance of core strenght and midline stabilization
MLS resist flexion or spine or hyperextension of the trunk or back
identify primary roles of the abe
is power and largely isometric- they stabilize the torso from over extension
Identify the primary muscles of the core
abs, erectors and hip flexors
define and identify flexion and extension about a given joint
Flexion- decrease angle of joint
Extension- increase angle of joint
describe how to scale the GHD excersices for any level athlete
Start with a AB mat them reintroduce the GHD machine only going 1/2 extension, until better core strenght is developed
Articulate and indentify the primary points of performance for the GHD
ROM- knee, hip , should in a straight line anything more is hyperextesnion full ROM( hyper hands touching floor)
Identify muscles used for GHD excesices
O;oppsoas and rectus femortis ( hip flexors)
Describe how musculature is wokring in the Foundational GHD excersise(i.e. staic-not movingVs. Dynamic-moving
Hip extension dynamic at hip, staic at truck and back
Back extension-dynamic at trunk and staic at hip
Articulate the goal of crossfit programming
to offer a model or template for our workout programming in the hope of elaborating on the crossfit concept and potentially stimlating productive though on the subject of exercise prescription generally and workout construction specifically. The moel we offer allows for wide varrience of mode, exercise, metabolic pathways, rest intensity, sets and reps. If fact it is mathematically likely that each three day cycle is a sunularly unique stimulus never to be repeated in a lifetime of crossfit workouts. The teplate is engineered to allow for a wide and constantly vaied
Define GPP
Generalized physical preparedness- based on fitness non specialized training
Define and give examples of the types of movements most commonly used in crossfit programming
monostructial (M)- running, jumping rope, biking, rowing- to improve cardio
gymnastics(G)- body wieght movements- pull ups, push ups, dips, air squats, rope climb, lunges- move body to improve nuerological responce
Weightliffting(W)- wight training- deadlifts, cleans, presses, snatchs, KBS- improve strength power and hip/leg capacity
Patterns of grogramming
1,5,9- signle modality
2,6-10- two modality- task priority 4,4,or5 rounds performed for time
3,7,11- three modality, normally amrap how many rounds in 20 minutes

4,8,12 off
Articulate the 3on-1off program
higher volume of high intensity work for 3 days straight then on the 4th day rest due to both nueromuscular and anatomy are hammered to the point hwere conitued work becomes noticeably less effective with out reducing intensity
define and give examples of common formats of crossfit workouts
single element- M or G or W element priority 5x2= 2X2X2X2X2 heavy weight or weight increase
two element- GW or MG or MW- task priority 3-5 rounds for time
3 element- MGW or GGG- Amrap time priority
Chipper in crossfit is compsed of 5-10 movements done at a moderate level and is designed to push metabolic conditon of athlere
define time priority workout and how to measure and increase in power in these workouts
AMRAP- moderate to high intensity and work rest intervals mamgement is crutial
define task priority and identify how to measure and increase in power
2 elements completed in rounds 3-5 rounds
the challange manifests only through repeated cycles
define the terms and strategy of mechanics sonsistency and intenisty
mechanics refers to technique- you ability to properly move thorugh our core movements
Consistency- consistent with movmeents and with crossfit workouts (have to have both)
with more intenisty you get better results faster
brought on by intense athletic activity/ a Breakdown on muschle cell contents that results in the release of muscle fiber contents into the bloodstream. Eccentric muscles contractions in which the muscle attempts to chorten while they are being stretched, seems to significantly increasy tension on muscle cell membranes and it is this tension that appears to break them down
design a programming that mitigates the risk of Rhabdo
nothing will completely mitigate however we are cautious about reducing wt on a newbe or deconditioned athlete in order to maintain intesity. In generela it is better to allow them to stop and take the rest when needed to complete the workout. We encourage athletes to eat and drink plenty of water after the workout. The water helps flush the myoglobin through the kidneys the food is to prevernt hyponatremia which results from slushing all the sodium out of the system when drinking too much water without any salt.
recognize the symptoms of Rhabdo
muscle soreness, nausea and vomiting , abdominal cramping and in severe cases coca cola colored urine
triage concept
Where all flaws are important but the workst ones are addressed first.