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ionic chemical bond

when one or more electrons are transferred from one atom to another

covalent chemical bond

when electrons are shared between atoms

Why is the water molecule polar?

there is an uneven distribution of electrons between the oxygen and hydrogen atoms

How does the polarity of water make it extremely cohesive?

hydrogen bonding and partial positive and negative charges make water cohesive

What was the chemical reaction taking place during the saltine mini lab?


How was the enzyme amylase involved in the chemical reaction?

enzyme amylase breaks starch down into sugar (glucose) and breaks apart bonds that links long chains of glucose

What is the pH scale a measurement of?

the concentration of hydrogen ions in a solution

On the pH scale, the higher numbers mean what?


On the pH scale, the lower numbers mean what?



weak acids or bases that can react with strong acids or bases to prevent sharp, sudden changes in pH

What are the 4 major macromolecules?



nucleic acids


What do carbohydrates do?

main source of energy sometimes used for structural purposes

What do lipids do?

store energy, sometimes important parts of biological membranes and waterproof coverings

What do nucleic acids do?

store and transmit heredity or genetic info (DNA)

What do proteins do?

control rate of reactions and regulate cell processes, sometimes used to form bones and muscles, or transport substances into or out of cells or help fight disease

What happens to atoms during a chemical reaction?

changes in chemical bonds join atoms in compounds


proteins that act as biological catalysts, speed up chemical reactions that take place in cells

What enzyme is found in chicken liver?


What enzyme was in the saltine lab?