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the sequence of stages leading from the adults of one generation to the adults of the next
life cycle
What are the two types of reproduction?
asexual and sexual
Asexual production means that there is no ____ involved and it produces offspring _____ to the parent?
sex, identical
All genes in asexual reproduction come from _____?
one parent
In asexual reproduction, if a parent organism isn't doing so great, what happens to the offspring?
They will inherit whatever the parent has.
In sexual reproduction, offspring are similar to parents but have ____?
The genes in sexual reproduction come from _____ and every individual is a _____ mix of genes.
two parents, unique
Cell division can:
______ a single celled organism
____ a multicellular organism
_____ an egg to an adult
_____ and _____ adult cells in an organism
Produce _____ and _____ cells (meiosis)
reproduce, grow, grow, repair, replace, sperm, egg
dividing in half
binary fission
Binary fission is primarily used by _____ cells and two _____ come from one cell. It is the most basic kind of asexual reproduction.
prokaryotic, identical cells
Steps in binary fission?
A circular chromosome duplicates, copies separate. Plasma membrane grows inward & the cell divides.
Chromosomes _____ with each cell division
Chromosomes are composed of ______
Chromatin is made up of ____ and _____
DNA and proteins
Before cell division, _____ condenses, and the _____ are visible with a microscope
chromatin, chromosomes
Chromosomes are made of ______?
Two stages of the cell cycle?
Interphase and Mitotic phase
In interphase the cell contents are _______? and ____ are at work making sure that DNA is accurately duplicated?
duplicated, enzymes
3 stages of interphase and their function
G1- growth, increase in cytoplasm
S- duplication of chromosomes
G2- growth, preparation for division
Mitosis is the division of the _____.
nucleus, divides one time
_____ occurs in sex cells and gametes and the nucleus divides _____ times.
Meiosis, 2
division of the cytoplasm, occurs in bot mitosis and meiosis
The majority of the cell cycle is spent in what phase?
4 stages of mitosis and what happens in them?
Prophase- the beginning steps of division
Metaphase- chromosomes are lined up at the middle
Anaphase- chromosomes move to the opposite ends of the part
Telophase- the ending point where the cells actually divide
____ often overlaps telophase?
a typical body cell
somatic cell
Organisms of the species have _____ numbers of chromosomes in their somatic cells. In humans, that number is ____.
Equal, 46
When the cell divides _____ separates?
Meiosis only occurs in the ____ and _____ cells which are known as ______.
sperm, egg, gametes
Meiosis requires ____.
The ___ chromosome has the one or 2 genes that make a male a male?
There is no one gene that makes a female, there's some interactions that make a female, however we associate the female with the ____ chromosome?
complete set of chromosomes
one set from each parent
Homologous pairs (2) are the same chromosome expressed a little ____?
The exception to homologous chromosomes are the _____ chromosomes?
Humans have ____ homologous pairs (autosomes) and ____ sex chromosomes for a total of ___.
Autosomes are ____ meaning they have 2 sets of chromosomes.
Gametes have ___ set of chromosomes meaning that they are _____.
1, haploid
Fertilization fuses a ____ and a ____ which creates a _____. This makes the cells haploid again (2n)
sperm, egg, zygote (fertilized egg)