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Protons and neutrons can be found were?
in the atoms nucleus.
Where are the electrons located?
On the outside of an atom.
Atomic mass is decide from the number of?
Protons and neutrons
You can find the number of neutrons by?
Atomic number - mass number
There are a same number protons as there is what? in a element
Chemicals are in what?
All living things
Living things contain how many chemical elements?
How many elements are natural occurring.
92, the rest are man made
Which four makeup 94.4% of the body?Greatest to Least
Oxygen, Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen.
Different arrangements of the atoms determine what?
The unique properties
The smallest unit of an element is what?
The electron arrangement determines what?
The chemical properties of atoms
Atoms are stable when?
The outer-shell is full.
How many can the first shell can hold? What about the second and third shell?
first shell can hold 2. the second and third shell can hold 8
These are the main types of chemical bonds between atoms from compounds.
Ionic and Covalent.
What is a ionic bond do?
gives or takes(weak bond)
Covalent bonds do what?
join atoms into molecules through electrons sharing. share(strong)
The chemical re activity of an atom depends on....
number of electrons
Molecuelse who share a equal amount of electrons are?
In a polar molecule one of part of the molecule is?
Hydrogen bonds make up?
Water which is a cohesion
Cohesion is?
attraction force between molecules that are a like
Surface tension is the result of?
Cohesion of water molecules.
Adhesion is?
The attracive force between unlike molecules( like glass and water)
Capillary action needs what to happen?
Both cohesion and Adhesion
Water hydrogen bonds do what to temperature?
moderate (controls heat capacity)
What is one way water can moderate temperature?
Evoprative cooling
What is the solvent of life?
solution is?
a homogeneous mixture of a liquid and one or more dissolved solutes
water forms solution with?
many polar and ionic compounds
an aqueous solution is?
An solution which water is a solvent.
Cytoplasm is?
a aqueous solution
The chemistry of life is sensitive to Blank and Blank.
Acid and basic conditions.
If the number of H+ and OH ions are equal then?
The solution is neutral
Acidity is?
Measured on the pH scale from 0-14 of most acids(pH is neutral)
The pH of most cells is kept close to?
Human blood remains between?
7.34 and 7.44 (so we contain a buffer)