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After the War of 1812, Americans had a sense of national pride. Americans felt more loyalty toward the United States than toward their state or region. The Monroe presidency is described as the ___ __ ____ ________
Era of Good Feelings
In the _____-____ ______ of 1819, Spain ceded all of Florida to the United States and finalized the western border of the Louisiana Purchase
Adams-Onís Treaty
President Monroe issued the ______ ________. This policy declared that the United States would prevent other countries from interfering in Latin American political affairs
Monroe Doctrine
In the early 1800s, a transportation revolution, including the construction of the ____ _____, occurred in the Northern states. This led to great social and economic changes
Erie Canal
In 1807 the steamboat called the ________, designed by ______ ______, traveled upstream on the Hudson River. Steamboats made river travel more reliable and upstream travel easier. This caused a growth in river travel and canal building.
Clermont; Robert Fulton
The __________ __________ began in Britain in the 1700s. The revolution consisted of several developments in business and industry
Industrial Revolution
_______ _ ______ opened several textile mills in northeastern Massachusetts. He started mass production of cotton cloth in the United States
Francis C. Lowell
___ _______ developed the idea of ______________ _____ in the gun making industry
Eli Whitney; interchangeable parts
______ __ _____ perfected the telegraph in 1832. He developed the Morse code for sending messages
Samuel F.B. Morse
During the late 1820s and early 1830s, some factory workers joined _____ ______ to improve working conditions. The unions, however, had little power or money to support _______, or work stoppages
labor unions; strikes
In 1793 Eli Whitney invented the ______ ___, which combed the seeds out of cotton bolls
cotton gin
________ _________ was a former slave who became a leader of the antislavery movement
Frederick Douglass
In 1821 _______ _____, a free African American who had a woodworking shop in Charleston, South Carolina, was accused of planning a revolt to free the region’s slaves. Before the revolt, however, Vesey was arrested and hung
Denmark Vesey
In 1831 ___ ______, an enslaved minister who believed that God chose him to free his people, led a group of African Americans in an uprising. Turner and his followers killed more than 50 white people before he was arrested and hung.
Nat Turner
The _______ __________ called for admitting Maine as a free state and Missouri as a slave state. An amendment was added to the compromise that prohibited slavery in the Louisiana Purchase territory north of Missouri’s southern border
Missouri Compromise