How Did The Industrial Revolution Change

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Industrial Revolutions Transformation The Industrial Revolution was a major importance to the economic development of America in the 18th-19th century. The Industrial Revolution developed three important improvements into the United States. First transportation through the steamboat and railroads were expanded, Secondly technology advances such as electricity and the telephone was established, and last and but least improvements to the national marketing were made. I believe this major Industrial revolution was the beginning to shaping technology advances in today’s society. Industrialization included improvements in transportation. The first steamboat was invented from the creation of the Watt Steam Engine, which allowed major transportation …show more content…
People started moving to the cities because that is where the center of manufacturing was. Cities were booming and the populations increased. Many times living conditions were very poor because of overcrowding, which caused more spread of diseases” (eNotes, 2015). Advertisement became a big deal, with many wise businessmen, whom helped in creating what todays modern consumer culture deals with, began putting up big billboards and place cards getting more service from customers. Then large chains of grocery stores began to advance in locations near the cities that are more populated. There were increasing demands for improved social welfare, education, labor and political rights. Near the 20th century approaching the United States had become the world’s leading industrial nation. “With the great advances of the Industrial Revolution, inventors continued to work throughout the rest of the 19th and early 20th century on ways to make life easier while increasing productivity. The impact of these and other inventions of the time cannot be underestimated” (Kelly, 2015). The effects of this revolution led to more Americans from the south leaving there farms to work in factories to make more money, and the American economy became more business

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