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A set of ideas about the world economy and how it works
King of England who continued to assert royal authority over American colonies
James II
A royal province created from the merger of Connecticut and Rhode Island with Massachusetts and Plymouth
Dominion of New England
The bloodless change of power that occurred in England when William and Mary became the monarchs
Glorious Revelation
Rights that all people are born with
Natural Rights
A Puritan leader who helped inoculate Bostonians against smallpox
Cotton Mather
German immigrants in Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Dutch
Rebellion by enslaved people against white slaveholders in South Carolina
Stono Rebellion
A movement that challenged the authority of the Church in science and philosophy while elevating the power of human reason
A religious movement that stressed dependence on God and gained appeal among farmers, workers, and enslaved people
Great Awakening
An emphasis on logic and reasoning
One of the earliest and most influential Enlightenment writers
John Locke
Political philosopher who believed in separation of powers in government
A movement that stressed an individual's devoutness and an emotional union with God
Large public meetings for preaching and prayer
Preachers of the Great Awakening
- Jonathan Edwards
- George Whitefield