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President Jackson supported the ______ ______, the practice of appointing people to government jobs on the basis of party loyalty and support. He believed that this practice extended democracy and opened up the government to average citizens
spoils system
President Jackson supported the idea of moving all Native Americans to the Great Plains. In 1830 he supported the passage of the ______ _______ ___, which allocated funds to relocate Native Americans
Indian Removal Act
An army was sent to force the remaining people to move west to what is now Oklahoma. Thousands of Cherokee died on the journey that became known as the _____ __ _____
Trail of Tears
By the mid-1830s, a new political party called the _____ formed to oppose President Jackson. Many members were former National Republicans, whose party had fallen apart. Unlike Jackson’s Democrats, Whigs advocated expanding the federal government and encouraging commercial development
Shortly after Van Buren took office, the country experienced an economic crisis, known as the _____ __ ____. Thousands of farmers were forced to foreclose, and unemployment soared
Panic of 1837
Religious leaders organized to revive the nation’s commitment to religion in a movement known as the ______ _____ _________
Second Great Awakening
A number of new religious denominations emerged from the new religious revival. These included the Unitarians and the Universalists. ______ _____, a New Englander, founded the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, whose followers are known as Mormons. After being harassed in New England, the Mormons moved west and settled in Illinois
Joseph Smith
_______ _____ became the leader of the church after Smith was murdered. The Mormons then moved to the Utah territory
Brigham Young
Some influential writers included Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau. They included Washington Irving, James FenimoreCooper, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Herman Melville, Edgar Allan Poe, and Emily Dickinson
The early 1800s saw the rise of ____ __________. General interest magazines, such as Harper’s Weekly, also emerged
mass newspapers
The people who formed these communities believed that the way to a better life and freedom from corruption was to separate themselves from society to form their own ______, or ideal society
Utopian communities included _____ ____ in Massachusetts and small communities established throughout the country by a religious group called the _______.
Brook Farm; Shakers
In the mid-1800s, many Americans worked to reform various aspects of society. ________ ___ worked for improved treatment of the mentally ill
Dorothea Dix
Many reformers argued that the excessive use of alcohol was one of the major causes of crime and poverty. These reformers advocated __________, or moderation in the consumption of alcohol. Several temperance groups joined together in 1833 to form the ________ __________ _____
temperance; American Temperance Union
______ ____ focused on education reform
Horace Mann
______ _____ __________, a meeting to focus on equal rights for women and one that marked thebeginning of the women’s movement
Seneca Falls Convention
In the 1830s, the idea of _________ began to take hold
Abolitionists argued that enslaved Africans should be freed immediately. The development of a large national abolitionist movement was largely due to the work of _______ _____ ________. He founded the Liberator, an antislavery newspaper that advocated ____________, or the freeing of all enslaved people. With an increasing following, he founded the ________ ___________ _______ in 1833
William Lloyd Garrison; emancipation; American Antislavery Society
Free African Americans also played a prominent role in the abolitionist movement. The most prominent was ________ ________, who published his own antislavery newspaper, the North Star. _________ _____ was another important African American abolitionist
Frederick Douglass; Sojourner Truth
In 1831 ___ ______ led a revolt by enslaved people that killed more than 50 Virginians
Nat Turner