The Role Of The Industrial Revolution In The 19th Century

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The industrial revolution in the 19th century marks a major turning point in the American history and affected the daily life of American people in almost every aspect. One of them was change in the transportation routes and means that dramatically improved national mobility. New and improved transportation technology made it easier, cheaper, and quicker to transport the raw materials and finished products across America thanks to first national roads, innovation of steamboats, new canal development, and finally the railroad revolution. Americans were aware that improvement of transportation network would increase land values, encourage domestic and foreign trade, and strengthen the American economy.

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The first proper steamship sent to America in 1807 was the North River Steamboat, also known as Clermont designed by Robert Fulton and Henry Bell that carried the passengers between New Your and Albany on the Hudson River in thirty-two hours at an average speed of about 5 miles-per-hour. Another steamboat designed also by Fulton and R. Livingstone in 1811 was “New Orleans” carried the passengers on the lower Mississippi River. Many more similar boats offer their service between New Orleans, Louisiana and Natchez, Mississippi and traveled at the rates of eight miles per hour downstream and three miles per hour upstream. As a result of fast growing steamboat industry, between 1814 and 1834, New Orleans steamboat arrivals increased from 20 to 1200 a year. The boats transported cargoes of cotton, sugar, grains, timber, and passengers. At that time the steamboats, similar like canals and roads were privately operated and they became the subject of federal regulations due to the hazardous conditions and events that often took place on the boats. The benefits of using the steamboat were undeniable. The boats were faster and cheaper. And allow the passengers and workers travel upstream. What took several months for the flatboat to travel from Ohio to New Orleans; it took only ten days for the

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