War at the Hands of a Pope Essays

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“Years ago cries and shouts were heard from great crowds, as Pope Urban II gave a speech at the Council of Clermont, urging hundreds of Christians all over Europe to take up arms and aid the Greeks in the recovery of Palestine from the Muslims” (Halsall). This speech resulted in 200 years of constant hostility and gory battles between the Christians seeking the return of their land and the Muslims, intent on keeping it (Trueman). Even though the wars were fought for religious reasons, the events that occurred during them were hardly religious. The very first crusade began in 1095 (history.com). Over the course of the next 200 years there were eight more major crusades and two minor ones (Trueman). The Christians who first set out to fight …show more content…
A chain of events during the late 1000’s caused the Crusades, and each action had something to do with the Islamic religion and the Holy Land. In 1076, the Muslims captured Jerusalem (Trueman). This was a problem to the Christians because Jerusalem was their Holy City and they believed the sepulcher of Jesus Christ was there (metmuseum.org). After gaining complete control of Jerusalem, the Muslims didn’t tolerate the pilgrimages the Christians made there each year. According to history.com, these interferences concerned the Christians but they didn’t take action at first. The last string for the Christians was when the Muslims took over the Byzantine Empire, which was a Christian nation (history.com). The Christian stand of action is more formally known as the first crusade.
In many expert’s eyes, the very first crusade was most effective. This was the crusade when the Christians came closest to reaching their goal of permanently winning back Jerusalem. The first crusaders did get temporary control of their holy city (history.com). Originally, during the first crusade, the Christian’s plan was to just focus on the Holy Land, but after they did they decided to try to take control of Spain, Eastern Europe, and some Mediterranean islands (Alchin). After the first crusade, Christians got confident in their power over Jerusalem and sent some troops home. The attack the Muslims then made was not expected and the Christians desperately lost. This led

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