Veterans: Greiving, Adjustment and Adaptation Essay

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Hardships and changes are a natural and normal part of life that all families must encounter and deal with. (Friedman Bowden, & Jones, 2003). The death of a loved one, a form of hardship, can disturb a family’s course of development and can throw a family into crisis (Smith, Hamon, Ingoldsby, & Miller, 2009). In the motion picture “Grace is Gone,” the father Stanley Philips must face the challenge of telling his two young daughters that their mother Grace has been killed in combat overseas. The evaluation of the Philips family’s coping in dealing with a life altering event reveals dysfunctional and functional coping processes.
The coping mechanisms of a family are very important in the family’s ability to function and survive
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al., 2009, p. 116).” The Resiliency Model emphasizes family adjustment and adaptation, and the model views a crisis situation as a challenge that the family can adapt to (Friedman et al., 2003).
The basis of the model is the ABC-X model. The A factor pertains to the stressor. The B factor covers the family’s resources. The C factor is related to the family’s perception of the stressor. Ultimately, the factors A, B, and C all interact to produce X, which is dependent on how the family deals with the stress. The family can either adjust to the stressor or they can have maladjustment and crisis. The crisis in this case does not imply a state of failure or extreme dysfunction; it is rather a family that is in a state of disorganization in need of change in order to achieve stability (McCubbin, 1995). Furthermore, the model “highlights what strengths and capabilities influence the process of resiliency” in a family (Friedman et. al., 2003, p 470).”
The theory also postulates that there is an adjustment phase and an adaptation phase that a family must go though when dealing with stressors. In the adjustment phase the family is presented with a minor stressor or the family’s initial response to a stressor; the A factor. In regards to the Phillips family, this would be considered the family adjusting to their mother being overseas. Then the family makes minor changes, uses resources , and appraises and the severity of the

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