theories assignment 2 Essay

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Paige Fox
Writing Assignment 2

1. Samara demonstrates Horney’s “moving towards” neurosis meaning she deals with anxiety by an excessive interest in being accepted, needed, and approved of. We first learn this in the first paragraph where it says, “she is sensitive to the needs of others.” She is constantly looking for a boy to accept her and does all that she can to make sure he is happy. An example of this would be when she cooks him big dinners and only goes to see movies he will like to. She get very bad anxiety when her boyfriends would hang out with other girls, which would lead her to become very possessive.
2. According to Horney’s theory, what leads Samara’s neurotic behavior is her tendency to take on a dependent role
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Samara doesn’t understand her organismic self and that is what is causing Samara’s loneliness.
5. Another theory that could be useful in describing Samara is Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, which states that people possess a set of motivation systems unrelated to rewards to unconscious desires. Samara is constantly looking to make herself happy and is relying on other things besides

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