Essay on The Pros and Cons of Texting

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Step onto any college campus and take a look around. You will find clumps of students standing around in circles, phones in hand, typing away. What is it they are doing? Texting. Ever since the first text message was sent in 1993, the use of text messaging as a means of communication has spread like wild fire, especially amongst the adolescent generation. And with this new form of communication a new language has appeared; text-speak, the shortening of common words into abbreviations and acronyms (Drouin 49). While texting and the text-speak language seem to have been welcomed by many, what affect is this new technology having on the way we communicate? Is it possible that texting is negatively affecting our ability to use formal …show more content…
If you think about it, do we ever get to see an entire essay during a news story? No, we are shown one small portion of the essay with one measly text abbreviation. It is not fair to judge a student’s writing ability based on one small portion of their essay.
I am not trying to deny the fact that text-speak shows up in students’ writing. After all, I myself have fallen victim to laziness and incorporated an abbreviation or two into my essays. However, this is exactly what it is, laziness. My use of text speak does not mean I am incapable of using formal English to communicate my thoughts. It is simply the result of a moment of weakness. Often times when the use of text-speak is examined in context with the rest of a student’s essay it appears as a “sporadic act of carelessness or lack of thought rather than a systematic inability to spell and punctuate “(Crystal 153). Careless mistakes began showing up in student’s writing long before text messaging came along. It used to be that technologies such as too much T.V and not enough reading were blamed for the destruction of formal written communication (Crystal 156). It is not fair to blame the use of text messaging for poor writing simply because it is the newest form of technology to enter students’ lives. As David Crystal says:
It is crucial to recognize the various causes of inadequate literacy. There are indeed children who are weak at writing, poor

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