The Media: Web Log Post Essay

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The United States of America; since this nation was formed, “We the people” created a Constitution to protect the rights of the citizens of the USA. We are familiar with the freedoms of religion, press, assembly, petition, the right to bear arms, private property, the right to equal justice, and many more. But, “We the people” tend to over indulge in the freedom of speech. As of 2009 and the present year, I have become more and more convinced that freedom of speech has started to become a problem for this great nation because of the increase of individuals being cyberbullied. Over the past five years, the United States has become extraordinarily dependent upon new and improved technologies that have been introduced. Of course, …show more content…
This being the case many social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others, have become a place where children of all ages may say and post whatever comes to mind. Additionally, these social networks contain no parental supervision, which gives children the ability to gossip, or cyberbully, other members. Social media is found on the Internet just as much as it is on the television, but unlike the television, teens’ may say whatever they wish on the Internet. Sadly, children and teens’ today look at the Internet and television as a source of advice and believe and base their ideas off of what someone says to them or about something. The children and teens’ thinking this way is becoming a major problem because it gives others a free pass to say whatever they want to that person and brainwash the victimized into thinking they are not worthy of respect. In some cases, not worthy of living. Freedom of speech has lead to our nation accepting social networks created on the Internet with negative effects on the teens’ that are members. Because of these new social media networks, some people feel comfortable with saying or posting whatever comes to their mind, even if they are unkind things about someone. Statistics show that the suicide rates for teens’ in 2009 was 6.3% and has increased to 7.8% in the past three years. Moreover, in the past year 1,000,000 teens’ have been harassed, threatened, or subjected to other forms of cyber bullying.

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